Bold Bengali actress Paoli Dam and the movie Hotel Blue Moon

Kolkata, Jan 29, 2011, (Washington Bangla Radio) In recent times, apart from the main stream Bengali films which are commercially successful, there are certain genre of films being produced which are out of the box. Such films came into prominence during the late 1990’s. They are being directed by Gautam Ghosh, Buddhabdeb Dasgupta, Sandip Ray, Rituparno Ghosh and the likes. Paoli Dam is such an actress who was first seen acting in Kalbela in the year 2009, directed by renowned film maker Gautam Ghosh. Even though she comes from a diverse back ground, her acting skills were pretty much appreciated in her first film.
After her role in this film, she also got an offer for acting in Choli Ke Peeche which was directed by Italo Spinelli. Paoli is very often referred as the “dusky beauty” and is portrayed in various genres of film. Apart from her international project, Paoli played the character of Komli in Moner Manush directed by Gautam Ghosh in 2010, which speaks about the life of Lalan Fakir, also known as Fakir Lalan Shah. Lalan Fakir was a spiritual leader, poet and singer who was popular in Bengal during 19th century. The character of Lalan Fakir is being played by noted Bengali actor Prosenjit Chatterjee and Paoli plays the character of Komli, who was the main female disciple of Lalan Fakir. In this film also she has proved her acting skills once again, where she has got into the skin of the character.
In recent times she has also acted with some of the upcoming directors like Atanu Ghosh in the film named Tokhon Teish. In this film also we see her in such a role which is actually a contrast to what she has played in her earlier films. In her earlier ones, it was mostly the role of a village girl while on Tokhon Teish, she portrays the character of a blue film heroine, who is been brought up in an orphanage and is a fantasy for adolescent boys. Even though Paoli’s character in this film is pretty different from the earlier ones, the Bengali film audience has very well accepted her in this new role.
After her stints in Bengali films, we can see her in one of the South Indian films, to be specific in the Malayalam film industry. Paoli is seen acting in one of the adult films of the Malayalam film industry, named Hotel Blue Moon. In this film she has played the character of Mohini, who is a sex symbol and is regarded as a queen of that industry.
For her role in this film, she has put in a lot of effort by watching various clippings of porn films and she has also viewed the documentary named as the “Naked Feminist” in order to bring out the true shade of the character which she is playing. Her performance in this film is appreciated. She was sensuous yet not vulgar.