Re-Structured Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Programme in India

New Delhi, Jan 24, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PIB-India) One of the major concerns of the power sector is the reduction of losses in the distribution. Though the Aggregate Technical & Commercial (AT&C) losses at the all India level have declined from 38.86 per cent in the year 2001-02 to 28.44 per cent in 2008-09, these losses continue to be high in many States.

The various issues involved in the management of distribution losses can be classified under the categories of governance, commercial and technical issues. For effective control of AT&C losses, the States and state power utilities will be required to initiate action on all the three fronts simultaneously.

The Ministry of Power initiated Power Sector reforms with focus on distribution. IT enabling has been recognized as essential component in improving customer satisfaction, business management through transparency, accountability and responsibility.

With an objective to reduce AT&C losses the Government has launched Re-structured Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Progamme (R-APDRP) in July, 2008 as a Central Sector Scheme. The focus of the R-APDRP is on actual, demonstrable performance in terms of loss reduction. Projects under the scheme are taken up in two parts. Part-A is the projects for establishment of baseline data and IT applications for energy accounting/auditing and IT based consumer service centers and Part-B is regular distribution strengthening projects.

The programme size is of Rs. 51,577 crore, with expected investment in Part-A (Baseline System) would be Rs. 10,000 crore and that in Part-B Rs. 40,000 crore. Initially funds for projects under both the parts would be provided through loan. The entire amount of loan for Part-A projects would be converted into grant on the completion of the project and upto 50 per cent (90 per cent for special category States) loan of Part-B projects would be converted into grant on achieving the 15 per cent AT& C loss in the project area on a sustainable basis.

To facilitate the state utilities for expediting the implementation of R-APDRP, the Ministry finalized the model DPRs, empanelled the IT Consultants, IT Implementing Agencies, SCADA/DMS Consultants and SCADA/DMS Implementing Agencies, finalized the model Request of Proposal (RfP) for appointment of above consultants and agencies.

Under Part-A of the Re-Structured APDRP 1401 projects worth of Rs. 5177 crore, to cover almost the entire country for establishment of IT enabled Baseline System have been approved by the Government.

Under Part-A total, 18 SCADA Projects worth Rs. 471.58 crore have been approved so far.

Under Part-B, 775 projects worth Rs. 14854.43 crore for strengthening of sub-transmission distribution system, against 1118 eligible towns in the country have also been sanctioned.

Post implementation of Part-A, in the Year 2011-12, State Government’s and Utilities through effective governance and enforcement measures will be in a position to reduce commercial losses, as detailed energy auditing and accounting will be possible with installation of AMRs (Automatic Meter Readers) at every feeder, transformer and HT Consumer premises. (PIB Features)

With Inputs from the Ministry of Power

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