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Washington, DC, Jan 21, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The release date of director Kiran Rao's DHOBI GHAT (2010) Hindi movie in North America (USA/Canada) is January 21, 2011.

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The foreign film is not rated by the MPAA due to it's expected niche Non-resident Indian (NRI) audience. The international film from India is presented in Hindi and English with English Subtitles. Buy movie tickets online:


Shai (Monica Dogra), an affluent investment banker on sabbatical, strikes up an unusual friendship with Munna (Prateik), a young and handsome laundry boy (dhobi) with ambitions of being a Bollywood actor, and has a brief dalliance with Arun (Aamir Khan), a gifted painter. As Shai's relationship with Munna deepens, Arun discovers in his house a secret about Yasmin (Kriti Malhotra), the previous tenant, that brings meaning to his solitary life. As they slip away from familiar moorings and drift closer together, the city finds its way into crevices of their inner worlds.

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Nilanjan Nandy writes in his Washington Bangla RadioTM exclusive review:

From the belly of Mumbai, a story like this, a script and an idea like 'Dhobi Ghat' also comes once in a lifetime as most of the cine-stories based on Mumbai for the last few years have been peppered with the same old 'ghisa pitaa' fact about the underworld. Right from a cult film like 'Deewar' in the seventies to another cult- 'Satya' of the late nineties, travelling down 'Sarkar', Sarkar Raj, 'D Company', 'Vaastav', 'Black Friday' 'A Wednesday', 'Ek Chalis ki Last Local', Aamir', Firaaq' and the 2010 release 'City of Gold'; each of these movies, though well made, well-crafted and well-told, only glorified the 'bhai's and the 'bhau's' of Mumbai and idolized the dark, under-belly that has now become a very common subject and practically has nothing else to offer except stories of extortion, riots, the game of power-play or plain tales of violence, explosives, blasts or 'bhaigiri'!

Very few Hindi movies of the yesteryear like - Priyatama (1977), Rajnigandha (1974), Manzil (1979), Pestonjee(1988) and Baton Baton Mein (1979 again), tried to capture a different perspective of this city though their central theme was never Bombay or Mumbai- as it is looked upon and told in DHOBI GHAT (Mumbai Diaries).

DHOBI GHAT (Mumbai Diaries) is the story of four people from very different backgrounds, whose world intersect and leave them forever altered.

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Cast and Crew

Cast: Prateik, Monica Dogra, Kriti Malhotra, Aamir Khan
Director: Kiran Rao