Hindi movie goers will be “HAUNTED” in 3D

Mumbai, Jan 20, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) As the lights dim in the cinema halls and the multiplexes, this year; the audience will be engulfed in the paranormal mystery. The horror movie, Haunted is due to release some time in April this year. Vikram Bhatt directs the super natural flick. After the success of Raaz, the cine goers are expecting nothing less than a whole some entertainment from the director. It is also a long time since Raaz, that a movie has been able to capture the imagination of the nation and provide goose bumps to the audience.

One thing is for sure, the movie is going to provide a treat that has never been experienced by the Indian cine goers. It is the first Indian 3D movie of the horror genre. The audience can feel to be a part of the movie and the idea of a scary figure suddenly moving out of the screen and towards you is enough to give that shivering feeling. It is the next level of experiencing a super natural movie. The shouts from behind the closed doors remain a certainty. It will be a good choice to get scared.

The movie stars Mahakshay Chakraborty and Twinkle Bajpai. According to the grape vines, both have put up a fine performance. The movie is shot at the picturesque locations of Dalhousie. Hilly areas have always been the preferred back drops for ghost movies and Vikram Bhatt adheres to it nevertheless. His paranormal movie Raaz was also narrated at the back drop of a hilly place. It seems ghosts do love hills.

The story unfolds in a beautiful and majestic building named Glen Manor. The mist of Dalhousie not only hides the hills but also the mysteries of the house. Blood chilling screams echoes out of the vacant house at night and the spirit in the house slashes the heads of the adventurous who dare to set foot in the house. The protagonist of the movie, Rehan unaware of the haunting in the house buys it. Rehan needs to get rid of the ghoul in the house, in order to sell it. Inability to do so will cost millions.

As Rehan starts to unearth the mysteries associated with the house, he comes across the troublesome past of the house. A name of a girl and her photo comes to light as he delves deeper in his quest. The name of the girl is Meera and her photo proves that she was astonishingly beautiful. As the story progresses, it is revealed that the name and the photo have a deep connection with the haunting of the house. What happens next is to be seen at the theatres. We hope that the movie gives us a thrill that we can cherish and the goose bumps that we have missed so badly after Raaz.