Hot Hollywood Actress Jennia Fredrique Completely Wigs Out

[Golden Globes 2011: Actress Jennia Fredrique]

Los Angeles, CA, January 20, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) Actress and activist Jennia Fredrique is quickly becoming Hollywood’s latest heavy-hitting international fashion trendsetter. Fredrique’s timeless style is inspiring women around the globe, so much so that a wig was designed based on one of her most popular hair styles.

Maria Valentina, an exciting new hair couture label from Brazil, recently recognized Jennia as a global trendsetter in ethnic hairstyling. The company recently launched a fabulous handmade full lace wig inspired by Jennia's chic California-girl-meets-red-carpet-glamour look, that combines a no-fuss middle-part with long romantic waves. They call it “Waves a la Jennia”.

Maria Valentina's master wig makers said they had no choice but to create this product after so many of their online clients included Jennia's pictures with their orders to illustrate the look they wanted to achieve with their lace wigs. They added that it is thanks to fashion avant-gardists such as Jennia that the scope of everyday fashion is expanding beyond clothes and shoes to the hair that you wear.

Style Journalist/ TV Host Lloyd Boston had this to say, “Jennia Fredrique is one of the few red carpet regulars that actually has a style of her own. It is clear that she is self-styled. Her fresh, cheeky, and sometimes irreverent take on the classics always catches my eye—and inspires other women around her to be more individual.”

“Having lived in Europe and spending significant time in Paris and Milan, these cities changed how I felt about fashion,” says Jennia Fredrique on the set of Beyond the Talent, a new series the actress hosts. “As much as I love acting, I love fashion. Fashion is complete expression and freedom. There was never a time in my life that I did not love fashion.”

Ms. Fredrique attended the Golden Globe Awards this past weekend and was rated one of the best dressed.

- PRWeb

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