Peyaji Hocche Na ! Onion Prices Go Through The Roof In India - Buy American Onions In India

Washington DC, Jan 20, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) As you know, Allium cepa is mightily expensive in India these days - so much so that a friend of mine reports the price of onions, beer and gasoline are identical in India at this time.

Various theories are going around to try to explain the causes of onion-price inflation - ranging from too much rain drowning the poor bulbs still underground to greedy warehouse operators holding back supplies to increase prices. The mighty Government of India has stepped in and banned any exports of onions from India - I do not know if this is applicable to carry-on baggage on airplanes containing home-cooked meals to enjoy on the flights back.

The beauty of the onion plant is that all of it is edible. Here is a recipe for Peyaji - an eternal bong favorite, although ingesting large volumes of peyaji may cause one to pop a bunch of tums and have some undesirable global climate effects in the immediate vicinity in about 10 hours.

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(This article is partly inspired by the other kind of Onion).