Film Review: SADANANDER MELA (1954) Uttam Kumar-Suchitra Sen Oldie Superhit (Bengali Movie DVD Available in USA)

Actress Suchitra SenUttam Kumar

[Sadanander Mela Tollywood Bengali Movie DVD in USA]

Washington, DC, Jan 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Director Sukumar Dasgupta's classic 1954 Bengali Movie Sadanander Mela is now available in North America, i.e. USA and Canada in DVD format (click here to order online).

The black-and-white romance-comedy-drama stars the #1 romantic pair of Bengali cinema - Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. Others in the star cast inlcude Chhabi Biswas, Pahadi Sanyal, Bhanu Bannerjee, Jahar Ray, Tulsi Chakraborty, Kanu Bannerjee, Nripati Chatterjee, Padma Devi etc.

Shadanander Mela features music by Kalipada Sen.

Uttam Kumar plays Ajit - a poor guy trying to live an honest life. Suchitra plays Sheila - the daughter of the well-established Dakshinaranjan Chowdhury. Sheila wants to succeed on her own, and leaves her parents. Ajit and Sheila end up living in the same house, both successfully managing on their own.

Dakshinaranjan Chowdhury of course searches far and wide for his daughter, even hiring professional detectives. But Sheila herself let's him know where she is, and invites her dad to take a look himself. Dakshinaranjan pretends to be her teacher and checks Ajit out, but not without some hiccups.

Eventually Sheila's parents do realize Ajit is a great guy to hand their daughter off to, and a happy wedding takes place.