The Complete Pintu Bhattacharya Bengali Audio Songs MP3 Download Collection

Calcutta, Jan 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Having a melodious and intense voice, Pintoo Bhattacharya was one of the popular Bengali modern singers in the seventies and eighties, having delivered timeless Bengali super-hit songs composed by the top Bengali composers and music directors incuding Salil Choudhury and Sudhin Dasgupta. As Nilanjan Nandy touchingly writes in this obituary, no visit to Digha (a popular beach-town on India's coastline with the Bay of Bengal) will be the same without Pintu Bhattacharya.

The following songs by Pintu Bhattacharya are available online in MP3 Download Format - click here to listen to free samples and download these timeless Bengali audio songs classics online >

Jani Prithibi Amare Jabe   
Album: Jani Prithibi Amare Jabe

Premer Banshi Baje Re   
Album: Premer Banshi Baje Re

Sona Roder Gaan   
Album: Sona Roder Gaan

Jani Na Kakhan Je Se   
Album: Jani Na Kakhan Je Se

Chalona Dighar Saikat Chhere   
Album: Sangeetmoy Panchas Bachchar-Bengali Vol. 2

Se Jakhan Ballo Chali   
Album: Se Jakhan Ballo Chali

Sahasa Elo Barasha   
Album: Hit Duets From Bengali Films Vol 1

Na Dekhai Chilo Bhalo   
Album: Na Dekhai Chilo Bhalo

Sesh Dekha Sei Rate   
Album: Sesh Dekha Sei Rate

Sahasa Elo Barasha   
Album: Bengali Film Hits, Vol. 1

Dakho Megher Kole   
Album: Dakho Megher Kole

Duti Chokh Cheye Roy   
Album: Duti Chokh Cheye Roy

Ami Phool Ke Jedin   
Album: Ami Phool Ke Jedin

Amar Dukher Rajani   
Album: Amar Dukher Rajani

Ogo Amar Kuntalini   
Album: Ogo Amar Kuntalini

Tumi Nirjan Upakule   
Album: Tumi Nirjan Upakule

Path Chalte Chalte   
Album: Path Chalte Chalte

Raat Dupure Dustu Banshi   
Album: Raat Dupure Dustu Banshi

Chalana Dighar Saikat   
Album: Chalana Dighar Saikat

Bhoy Hoy Eto Bhalobesecho   
Album: Bhoy Hoy Eto Bhalobesecho

Phire Jete Chai   
Album: Phire Jete Chai

Chalona Dighar Saikat Chhere   
Album: Chalo Jai - Songs For Tourists - Mood

Ajo Kande Kanane Koyeliya   
Album: Nazrul Shatak Shraddhanjali - 2

Ek Tajmahal Garo   
Album: Ek Tajmahal Garo

Shaono Raate Jodi   
Album: Nazrul Shatak Shraddhanjali - 2

Kali O Kalame Lekha   
Album: Kali O Kalame Lekha

Daradi Hara Mon Amar   
Album: Daradi Hara Mon Amar

Bone Bone Sara Dila   
Namita Roy Album: Bone Bone Sara Dila

Money Halo   
Album: Swapner Damka Hawa

Ogo Amaar Kuntolini   
Album: Ogo Amaar Kuntolini

Raat Jurey Swapner   
Album: Swapner Damka Hawa

Chalona Digar Saikhat   
Album: Chalona Digar Saikhat