Sadhana Pictures launches Bengali film Simanaheen (Without Borders)

CHICAGO, IL, January 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Sadhana Pictures’ next feature film production, entitled Simanaheen, is set for production. The film will begin production in the late Spring of 2011 and release in Fall/Winter of 2011. Simanaheen is a forthcoming film that tells the stories of two Hindu-Muslim relationships from different times in history and different regions of the world. Come dance, laugh, cry and love in a world that is Simanaheen (Without Borders).

Previously, Sadhana Pictures released Kings of Devon, its premiere feature film production, in association with Reliance BIG Pictures (India), Reliance BIG Cinemas (USA) and Channel i (Bangladesh). Simanaheen is set to be Sadhana Pictures’ largest production to date and will be a story that will reach the global community.

Currently, Sadhana Pictures is holding open auditions for roles that are available for the film. Sadhana Pictures is looking for both male and female actors ranging between the ages of 21 to 60. If interested in auditioning, please send a photograph of yourself and a profile to

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