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Calcutta, Jan 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Indian magazine scene has exploded in recent years, and a lot of the top Indian magazines are now available in the USA on a subscription bases. Most of the top Indian magazines are franchises of established American magazines popular in the West for many decades, some older than a century. The Indian editions do, however, offer and Indian perspective, combined with sophistication presentation techniques pioneered by the industrial countries.

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Verve - India: India's premier women's international magazine. Verve reflects the spirit of today s woman - changing with the times, moving with trends, styles, fashion. Verve chooses to cover achievers in every field from fashion, business and style to Bollywood, books and travel.

VERVE INDIAVerve - India : Magazine Subscription Ubs Publishers Distributors >

Personnel Today: Personnel Today covers human resource issues, training, employment law, and occupational health news, information, and resources for HR directors at small and large companies alike.

Personnel TodayPersonnel TodayMagazine Subscription Natl Institute Personnel Mgt >


SavvySAVVY: Ubs Publishers Distributors >

World Affairs - the Journal of International Issues: Published in India, World Affairs seeks to provide the developing world's perspective on issues of global significance, as well as stimulate interaction and debate between developed and developing nations. The journal covers a broad range of subjects, such as empowerment of the people, health in developing countries, agriculture and biotechnology, information technology, world cultures and human values, politics, diplomacy, problems of international security, and environmental issues.

World AffairsWorld Affairs - the Journal of International Issues: Magazine Subscription Ubs Publishers Distributors >

Business India: Provides an insight into the world of Indian commerce and industry. Information on economy, management, finance, investment markets, marketing trends and policies.

Business India: Magazine Subscription Business India Group/19 Adi >

Sikh Review: The sole mission of 'The Sikh Review' is to disseminate Gurbani philosophy and the spirit of Sikhism, while developing interfaith understanding and promoting universal moral values -- to sustain a dynamic society throughout the world.

Sikh Review Sikh Review: Magazine Subscription Kolkata >

Screen Weekly: The Bestselling Bollywood and regional film news, reviews and showbiz entertainment gossip magazine from India.

SCREEN WeeklyScreen Weekly: Magazine Subscription Ubs Publishers Distributors >

Better Photography - India: Better Photography is an Indian magazine completely devoted to the art and science of photography. It features interviews, critiques, technical tips, instruction, and in-depth reviews.

Better Photography IndiaBetter Photography - India: Magazine Subscription Infomedia India Ltd/Ruby Corp >

Chemical Engineering World: Technical journal for chemical and processing industry.

Chemical Engineering WorldChemical Engineering World: Magazine Subscription Jasubhai Media Pvt Ltda/C Cew >

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