Jeet establishes himself as the top Tollywood action hero: Fighter (2011) Bengali Film Review

By Aditya Chakraborty

Tollywood hero Jeet actress Srabanti director Ravi Kinnagi in FIGHTER Bengali Movie
Tollywood Hero JEET, Bengali Actress Srabanti, Director Ravi Kinnagi in FIGHTER (Bangla, 2011) Press Meet
Image by Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Jan 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Jeet takes off from where he left in Josh in his current film Fighter. Wanted, Josh, Fighter (Buy Bengali Movie DVD in USA) – all of them have been action films with the last two also revenge films and with Fighter Jeet has establishes himself as the number one action hero of Tollywood. With Wanted we saw the reemergence of Jeet as one of the leading heroes of Tollywood and now with Josh and Fighter, there is no stopping him. The point is Wanted with which he started his second innings in Tollywood has so far been the best film of the three as it was a tight, taut thriller and had been packaged very well. Josh was okay as well, but Fighter is a little letdown in that respect. The story and the script is hayward and things happen because they have to happen. A lot of it is unbelievable and it is just not acceptable. Therefore the selling point of the film is Jeet’s eight pack. The first Tollywood hero to sport one, he looks great and it does wonders to his image. Firstly a little about the film:

Fighter (Bengali, 2011) Theatrical Trailer

Indu comes across a daring cop ACP Bose when she is on a field trip from her college with her friends. She gets friendly with his daughter Pinky who tells her that she would get her introduced to her uncle Surya and they would make a good pair. It turns out that Surya studies in Indu’s college and soon after they accidentally even come to know each other and get close.

ACP Bose investigates the case of a dreaded criminal Section Shankar whom no one has been able to touch. He is even involved with a land deal involving crores of money which is completely illegal and others including the D.I.G is involved. When the chairman of the bank who has lent money for the deal demand the money back as the deal hasn’t worked, but Section Shankar eliminates him. The people who are customers of the bank take to the streets and try to damage the bank.ACP Bose arrives there, arrests the manager and takes him away. Somehow Section Shankar comes to know where the manager has been taken .He arrives there with his men and the D.I.G and nearly kill ACP Bose. Section Shankar asks his men to dump the body. On the way, somehow Surya gets involved and ultimately rescues his brother from a burning bus and the elder brother dies in the younger brother’s arms. The entire media and the people think that ACP Bose has swindled off all the money as they have been made to believe that by the D.I.G.Surya decides to take revenge on the people who killed his brother. Firstly he kills Nikhil (his friend and Section Shankar’s friend) .Then he kills the D.I.G (he had been taken to jail and he had escaped).Nikhil had also kidnapped Indu as he wants her at any cost, but Surya rescues her. Section Shankar also kidnaps the entire family of Surya.Surya goes to Section Shankar house’s where he kills Shankar and rescues his family under the supervision of the new D.I.G who supports him wholeheartedly.

Jeet looks great in the action scenes and they are good. Though some of the sequences might look unbelievable, they are nothing in comparison to certain parts of the story which is a little absurd. To cite an example, after ACP is pounded, shot and what not he stills manages to survive till the moment he is thrown inside the burning bus and manages to stay alive after falling into the lake with Surya after Surya jumps out of the bus carrying his brother’s body! This is perhaps the most inexplicable sequence in the film and also when the D.I.G’s car is blown up, he manages to come out unharmed! Other than these sequences, the film is more or less okay. If these factors had been taken in consideration, the film would have been better.

Now the plus points of this film.Jeet is the ‘Fighter’. He fights, shoots, stabs, dances, romances and did we forget to say he also flaunts his eight packs which is one of the selling points of the film? After Wanted, Jeet sure has a winner up hi sleeve with this film thanks to Eskay Movies –the producers of Wanted and Fighter who have backed him tremendously and Jeet wouldn’t have been ‘Jeet reborn’ without them.Thanks Eskay!

Srabanti looks pretty, rides a scooty, romances Jeet and wins the hearts of the audience once again. The cinematography and the foreign locations are excellent. The film might not have any chartbusters, but the music is nice and one particular song ‘Ke Se’ sung by Monali Thakur and Shaan is unique and interesting. To know more, one has to hear the song.Bharat Kaul is good as Section Shambhu, but another person who is very good is Firdaus as ACP Bose? Shall we say that this is sort of a reemergence for him as well? There is a lot of blood, gore and violence and so while it might be okay for some people, some might not be able to digest it.

However all said and done, Jeet is the man of the moment right now!