Brownface Gunna - The Talented Canadian-Guyanese/West-Indian Rapper From Toronto

[BROWNFACE GUNNA]Germantown, Maryland, Jan 13, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) In life you have to accept the good and the bad, one can’t exist without the other. This is the philosophy Brownface Gunna, a young, talented rapper/producer hailing from Toronto’s west end, lives by. And he emulates it across the board from his laidback demeanor to the music that he makes.

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Brownface’s style is mood music. It switches between angry and upbeat and everything in between based on the type of mood he is in and what he’s going through in life at that moment. The versatility he brings in his music keeps him and his audience anything but bored.

With a fast flow atop a booming bass, Brownface Gunna delivers a classic hip-hop banger with his latest release, “Big Dreams”. The track has caught on like rapid fire overseas where it remained in the No. 1 spot in Euro DJ Leagues for four weeks straight.

“It just came to me, there was no direct thought process behind it, I’m always dreaming” says the 22-year-old rapper who hails from Toronto’s Rexdale community. “It’s all about taking your destiny in your own hands and chasing whatever you seek out of life.”

[BROWNFACE GUNNA]After laying down the track, which was produced by long-time collaborator J. Freedom, Brownface quickly envisioned shooting the video in the ultimate location for big dreamers: The Big Apple. And that’s exactly what he did. Hooking up with MMVA-winning video director, David Cropper, Brownface brought his vision to reality. The video was shot between Brooklyn and Times Square and has helped generate even more attention to the single, garnering thousands of views on YouTube in just a couple of weeks.

With songs like “Big Dreams” Brownface connects to his audience in the same way rappers like Jay-Z, Nas and Twista did with him in the 90s. His songs tell stories of a young man on the come up, who goes through the rollercoaster of life. “[My music is] more serious between the lines, than up front in your face,” he explains. “It’s music people can relate to cause it about people & life.”

To date, Brownface has release two mixtapes, The Grizzy and The Green Harvest. Brownface Gunna’s third project, The Flush, features “Big Dreams” which is now available on itunes »

“My music is about life the pain the passion, I am trying to paint a picture and every picture has a lesson in it”, says Brownface. The music is like a movie sometimes it is a comedy, a love story, and a thriller. The message is to live life don’t get caught in  Hollywood. Trying to be what someone else wants you to be, live your own life. "My advice for young musicians: the game is not fair, remember this is a business, you have to make people believe you can bring in the money, everybody, want to eat off of you, so you have to use that to your advantage, while staying true to your vision.”

Growing up in Rexdale, the West Indian bred Brownface of mixed Indian descent began rapping at age 11, just for fun. He imitated what he saw on TV in music videos because “rappers were cool” but most importantly it was the only music that indicated that there were other kids, in the world growing up in something other than a Cosby home.

What began as a fun hobby, one that he would have to hide from his mother and grandmother, grew into a deep-rooted passion Brownface just couldn’t shake. At age 15 he began experimenting with beatmaking and by the time he was 17, he became confident in his abilities. Five years later he has evolved into a recognized artist/producer in the Toronto scene on the come up, having released two mixtapes, The Grizzy and Green Harvest as well as successfully earning a place as a contender in the last four Battle of the Beatmaker competitions.

With songs like his latest “Big Dreams” Brownface connects to his audience in the same way rappers like Jay-Z, Nas and Twista did with him in the ’90s. His songs tell stories of a Toronto youth on the come-up, and the world around him. His fast flow and smooth delivery gives way for hard hitting lyrics that paint clear pictures of his struggles, his passion, his pain and his happiness.

Brownface is also willing to push the limits, often taking beats producers intended for dance, rock or R&B tunes, and altering them to fit his unique needs. He’s a self-proclaimed perfectionist and is known for not settling for anything but what he envisions when it comes to his music.

In addition to working with his closest friends including singer Moses and rapper 4-20, Brownface has worked with many of Toronto’s elite as well as music royalty including producing the hit “Hollywood Fresh” which was a collaboration with Dougie Fresh and Keysha as well recording with Juno-nominated Kim Davis. He most recently worked with MMVA-award winning video director David Cropper on the music video for the aforementioned “Big Dreams” which was shot in New York City.

But even after accomplishing so much at such a young age, Brownface remains rooted in his community.  He still continues to perform at many charity and community events and he believes in never forgetting where you came from, he reps hard for his Guyanese/West-Indian community whether it’s through interweaving slang into his lyrics or showing love for the youth who hit him up through the internet. Strong roots are an important element for the young rapper as he takes strides in his mission to shake up, the game and bring something new to hip-hop. “You gotta understand you work to live life not live to work, money’s just a piece of paper, you gotta have family, friends a community”.  That’s Brownfaces    inspiration and that’s what fuels his music.  “I am not one of those guys that goes off to Hollywood and never look back.”