Tamil songs and film industry second largest in India after Bollywood

Chennai, Jan 13, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRlog) The Tamil movie industry (also addressed as the Kollywood and Madras movie industry) today has the 2nd largest film industry in India. After Bollywood it releases films all lover the world such as India, Sri Lanka to Republic of Korea, Malaysia, as well as Canada, Europe and America and wherever there are sizable Tamil population.

Founded in the Madras (today known as Chennai) in south India of Madras district (where about there are 1800 cinema theatres alone), the movie industry began doing quiet/silent movies as early as 1916 starting with a movie called "Keechaka Vaadham" (The End of Keechaka) before switching to talkies in the 1930's with the "Kalidas" film. This was the first true commercialized success however real cinemas did not appear until 1948 and when the milestone film "Chandralekha" was released to the masses. This also was the most costly Tamil movie ever created at a price of whooping $800,000 which was a significant amount in those days.

The Tamil film manufactures have had hefty connections to politicians, grounding many of its new characters and film subjects on the built Tamil Nadu folk lays since the beginning. Additionally, most of the area's political leaders got their start there, as well as J. Jayalalthaa, the current opposite leader who had been a Tamil actress, and present chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M Karunanidhi who began his life history as script writer and a director.

Tamil songs are too very popular not only among the people of Tamil Nadu but also other neighboring states such as Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Tamil songs are usually composed so that it can be incorporated in Tamil movies however nowadays more and more Tamil songs are being made directly for the people.  http://www.tamilsongs.info

Now Tamil songs have come of age, it can now be compared with the heavy weights of Bollywood with increasing popularity amongst all the people of India.

- PRLog