Film Preview: NECKLACE (Bengali, 2011)

[Necklace 2011 Bengali Movie Poster]

Calcutta, Jan 11, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Written by Prochet Gupta and directed by Sekhar Das (WBRi Interview), Necklace is an intriguing tale of our daily lives.

Necklace stars Ritwik Chakraborty, Rituparna Sengupta (interview), Rudranil Ghosh (interview), Locket Chatterjee(interview) and others. The film features music by Gaurav "Gabu" Chattopadhyay (interview) and has a release date of Feb 4, 2011 in Kolkata.

Located in the city of Kolkata, the film tells a story of two couples belonging to different social strata but their lives got intertwined. Young Biswanath (Ritwik Chakraborty), a chartered accountant in profession, on the day he got promotion in his office bought a gorgeous necklace to gift it to his beautiful wife Sikha (Rituparna Sengupta). He also planned a ‘party’ to celebrate his promotion.

But on the very next day in the early morning, a burglar (Rudranil Ghose) broke in to their 3nd floor apartment through the balcony. Luckily the couple woke up on right time, the husband chased the burglar and wife hurriedly put off her necklace to hide it from the burglar. But the burglar, instead of robbing that necklace, preferred to jump from the balcony and fell down from the 3rd floor causing serious injuries. Such unexpected turn of the situation baffled the couple.Neighbors advised them to admit the burglar to the nearby hospital as soon as possible or it might turn in to a police case accusing as an ‘attempt to murder’! Situation became more complicated when burglar s wife (Loket Chatterjee) emerged from nowhere and started accusing Sikha and Biswanath as if they really wanted to kill the burglar! However the burglar got admitted into the hospital and his wife was brought to Biswanath’s appartment to negotiate with her for the amount of money she required to suppress the case from the police. Somehow that expensive necklace was missing from the house and Sikha could not remember where she had hidden it when the burglar was trying to break the window of their bedroom. Devastated Biswanath left for his office leaving behind his wife to settle the issue. Disturbed Sikha searched all corners of the house for that necklace in vain and she had to pass the whole day with the whims of the burglar’s wife who from time to time ordered for ‘continental breakfast’ followed by elaborate Indian lunch, wine, and what not. Meanwhile she took a bath in the plush bathroom, and there she discovered that lovely necklace kept hidden under a night-gown. Soon she adorned her neck with the necklace and demanded its ownership - a new conflict began ...

In the office Biswanath was told by his Boss that this could be a new technique that the burglar was using to swindle the flat owners of high the rises, and he knew one such case.

However the story takes 360 degrees turn when burglar’s wife also jumped from the same balcony!

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