Film Preview: (Hindi, 2011)

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Calcutta, Jan 10, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The curiously named (the domain is actually registered to one Sanjay Visharia of Mumbai, India) introduces fresh young newcomers Ishaan Manhaas and Ankita to Bollywood film-lovers. The primary tag-line of the film is "Log into love" followed by a longer "Love Makes Time Pass - Time Makes Love Pass". is directed by Shankhadeep and has a release date of Jan 21, 2011.

The romantic comedy is produced by Shashikant Chheda and Amit Chheda and released under the banner of Gipsy Films and Shethia Audio Video Private Limited. Others in the star cast include Dheeraj, Tiya, Shubhi,Priti,Deepan,Vinay,Sharmila Joshi and more.

Music is by Nitin Kumar Gupta and Prem Hariya and lyrics by Taufique Palvi and Nitin Kumar Gupta.

Synopsis: Cyrus and April meet randomly online and they start getting close but they never reveal their true identities. But patience runs out and they finally decide to meet. Somehow April manages to find out his true identity but Cyrus fails to do so. April thinks that Cyrus is too good for her and tries to sulk away in the fear of rejection whereas Cyrus looks for her everywhere as she was the only one who could understand him as a friend and as a lover.

Will Cyrus and April finally meet? Will Cyrus accept April for what she really is? Will April find the courage to be herself and claim the life she’s always wanted ?

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