Pride Of India Expo Science Exhibition Showcases India's Science-Technology Achievements

By The Asst. Director, PIB Thiruvananthapuram

New Delhi, Jan 7, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PIB-India) The Indian Science Congress serves as a platform towards inspiring the students, academicians and the common man to appreciate and inculcate the value of science in life and cultivate scientific attitude. The science exhibition, organized as a part of the 98th Science Congress at the SRM University, Chennai, has turned into a mega show attracting large number of students, common man and the delegates. It espouse the motto that the achievements in science and technology should ultimately benefit the society at large.

Over the past few years, the "Pride of India Expo" has emerged as a unique platform for Indian organizations, both public and private sectors to showcase their achievements in the area of science and technology. New ideas and products are on display, the Country's prominent developments and major achievements in the field of Science and Technology and its contributions to the society are being showcased here. The Expo focuses on India's recent emergence as major global power in the areas of science and technology.

The "Edu Vision" pavilion of the Expo is a unique experience. The pavilion has been conceptualized to provide an excellent platform to a variety of organizations operating in the academic world to display their innovative models and offerings. It is a unique confluence of International universities, research institutes, state level universities, colleges, public sector organizations and the corporate sector working in the scientific field.

Another notable feature of the Pride of India Expo is that it offers opportunities for various Indian states to showcase their initiatives, progress in various fields and core competencies. Many states like Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are participating in the Expo.

The pavilion with special emphasis on biotechnology, Nano technology, genetics, Agriculture, horticulture and food processing, oil and mineral exploration, urban infrastructure, health care, handicrafts and rural development displays the world of innovative technology.

The Expo opens new avenues for the corporate world to transform their concepts and business acumen into market opportunities. It paves way for forging new alliances with the best of the R & D labs. People who are in the field of science update themselves on the new research findings. The budding scientists of the country visit the venue to assimilate themselves into the stream of knowledge. The event has attracted a large number of visitors from the corporate sector, scientific community, academia, R & D institutes, defence, Government organizations and PSUs from across the country. To add colour to that, thousands of children from various educational institutions have been queuing up to see and feel the achievements of the Nation.

The visitor to the Expo are greeted by the Vigyan Jyothi (flame of Knowledge) an initiative started last year to spread awareness on science and technology and inculcate scientific temperament at the grass root level, primarily amongst students and general public. The second edition of Vigyan Jyothi was flagged off from Delhi on 22nd December 2010 on the birth anniversary of the great mathematician Ramanujan.

Another attraction of the Expo is the Hall of Pride which pays tribute to Srinivasa Ramanujan, the legendry mathematics wizard and Dr Alagappa Chettiar, a philanthropist par excellence from Tamil Nadu.