Actor-Director Parambrata Chattopadhyay Talks About JIYO KAKA (2011), ABI SENER AJOB DUNIYA and other Bengali Films (Interview)

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Parambrata Chatterjee: JIO KAKAGermantown, Maryland, Jan 7, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Parambrata Chattopadhyay is a young, enterprising and popular actor and director in the Bengali film and television industry. The actor experienced instant fame with his role as Feluda's lovable assistant Topshe on the big screen. Sandip Ray casted him as Topshe in his Feluda series movies Bombayier Bombete, Kailashe Kelenkari and Tintorettor Jishu (buy Feluda movie DVDs in USA). Parambrata has acted in notable Bengali movies such as The Bong Connection, Chalo Let’s Go, 033 and the unreleased Teen Yaari Kotha (Bengali DVD sale).

Not long ago, the actor was on a study leave. He was attending a course on Film and TV production at the premiere Bristol University. Parambrata has completed directing his first feature film, JIO KAKA expected to release in Kolkata on February 11, 2010. The actor and debutant director talks about his life, career and JIO KAKA in this heart-to-heart interview with Washington Bangla Radio correspondent Arijit Chakraborty that you can listen to by pressing the Play button in the player above.

The actor narrates his dream to be behind the camera. He always dreamt himself in the shoes of a director or an editor. He never thought of taking up acting as a profession and landing up in the acting profession was purely coincidental. The environment at home was always conductive for a creative mind and was oriented towards the Bengali film industry. Parambrata’s mother worked at the biggest film library of Kolkata, Chitrabani. Later on she joined the hallowed Film and Television Institute of India (FTII - currently celebrating their golden jubilee) as a consultant. His father was photo journalist and was the entertainment section in-charge of what is known today as the news daily Sambad Pratidin. Parambrata did his schooling from Dolna and Path Bhavan. He studied English literature at Jadavpur University and completed his second Master’s degree from Bristol University a couple of months ago.

Parambrata is all praises for the film production course that he attended at Bristol. It is a brilliant course for college graduates who are interested in movie making and wishe to enter the film industry domain. The course started off easy as the actor had first hand experience in film industry since 2002, but rapidly became extremely educational.

Technically the first film of the actor was Hemanter Pakhi, when he was merely 19 years old. The actor considers his true first films to be Sandip Ray's Feluda flick Bombaiyer Bombete and Gautam Halder's Bhalo Theko (DVD) - the latter co-starring Vidya Balan, Soumitra and Joy Sengupta. Both the films released almost at the same time. The actor speaks about his experience about the memorable role of Topshe. Though the role earned him instant recognition and fame, it lacked the grey shades and represented a character devoid of many human attributes like romance and sexuality. At an age of 28, he doesn’t find himself suitable for the role any more. Besides he was getting type-cast and it was a good time to get disassociated from Topshe, and Parambrata relishes the new Topshe played by Shaheb Bhattacharya (interview). The audience was getting confused with the mature role of Animesh in Kaal Bela and innocent Topshe of Tintorretor Jishu. But he learnt a lot about shooting from Sandip Ray. The actor ranks his performance to be best in the movie Kaaler Rakhal (DVD) co-starring Nandana Sen and directed by Sekhar Das (interview). Though the movie was only moderately successful in terms of commercial box-office revenue, it still sells good number of DVDs.

Directing is not something entirely new for Prambrata. He has been directing telefilms since 2005. He has directed Bengali telefilms almost every year for the Bengali television channels Tara, ETV Bangla, Zee Bangla etc. However, directing a feature film is a whole new ball game. Shooting on celluloid is costlier and planning is to be efficient so that the budget doesn’t exceed. Budget constraint plays a major role. The tension of proper execution was shared by all the members of the film unit and they helped during the shooting of JIO KAKA to attain the objectives on time.

[Jiyo Kaka - Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Film Poster]JIO KAKA is scheduled for a February 11, 2011 release in theaters in Kolkata. It was a dream for a long time and Parambrata was planning about it from 2008. Utmost care has been taken so that the low budget of the movie is never evident on the screen. It is a comedy with a message for its audience. It is a completely Bengali picture on the backdrop of Kolkata and no other city could have been considered for narrating the story. The director is hopeful that all segments of Bengali audience will love the movie and can connect to its plot.

Rituparna Sengupta (interview) is in one of the lead roles and she plays the role of a famous actress in the movie. The young and vibrant Rahul along with Shilajit, Kanchan Mullick and Shaswata build the cast of JIO KAKA. The new comer Aviraj (interview) is also a part of the movie cast. Neel Dutta has composed music for the movie.

Also among his many upcoming projects, Parambrata is playing a lead role of a guy who travels back in time to the 1980s to find work in the next Atanu Ghosh (interview) film ABI SENER AJOB DUNIYA co-starring Chiranjeet Chakrabarti, Aparajita Ghosh Das and others.

We wish Parambrata, his next movie JIO KAKA and his future films all the best.

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Guest: Parambrata Chattopadhyay
Hosted by: Arijit Chakraborty, Washington Bangla Radio, Toronto, Canada
Recorded / Edited by: Supratim Sanyal, Washington Bangla Radio, Washington DC, USA
Article written by: Kreation Guru, Kolkata, India