Interview: Aniket Chattopadhyay, director of BYE BYE BANGKOK (Bengali, 2011): A Tale Of Five Couples Beyond Honey and Moon

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Aniket Chatterjee, Director, Tollywood movie BYE BYE BANGKOK (2011)Germantown, Maryland, Jan 7, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Aniket Chattopadhyay is a well-known journalist and news editor, an ardent political observer, commentator and a film-maker from Kolkata. We have had the pleasure of presenting a wide-ranging, intimate and comprehensive audio interview with Aniket Chattopadhyay previosuly (avaibale online here). As you know, Aniket's debut full-length feature film "Cha E Chuti" (review) released in late 2009 to great success and went on to win the Best Experimental Film award in Film Awards Bangla (FAB) in Bangkok, Thailand, 2010. Actor Kharaj Mukherjee (interview) also won an award for the best comedy role for his performance in Cha-e-chuti in FAB Bangkok 2010. Cha-E-Chuti is one of the recent films that started a remarkable trend towards a resurgent Bengali film industry, marked by successful runs and box-office revenue over periods measured in multiple months.

Aniket's second feature-film Bye Bye Bangkok (Bengali, 2011) is opening in theaters in Kolkata on Jan 28, 2011. In these last few extremely busy days for Aniket, we appreciate the time he spared for us to talk to Arijit Chakraborty about his upcoming film, his aspirations and indications of what we might be looking at from him beyond Bye Bye Bangkok. We loved to hear the film-maker Aniket as well as the erudite political observer Aniket in this short time-span, and hope you will enjoy listening to him as much as we did while recording this piece. Aniket actually talks to us from Chennai where he is in the last stages of post-production, at a critical time just before wrapping up the final test print.

Bye Bye Bangkok is on the surface a comedy film involving five married couples whose marital lives have moved beyond initial euphoria. The film tells a humorous tale of innuendos and search of opportunities between the ten people. A film like this is sure to transcend just being a comedy and have shades of a thoughtful creation about relationships and human behavior. Rudranil's character is the chaffeur for Locket's character. Swastika plays a short but very important role in the film. Kanchan Mallick, known widely as a comedian, shows his prowess as a versatile and very capable actor for the first time in this film. The star cast includes Swastika Mukherjee, Rudranil Ghosh, Locket Chatterjee, Shilajit, Anjana Basu, Sonalee Chaudhuri, Kanchana Moitra, Kharaj Mukherjee, Kanchan Mullick, Rajesh Sharma, Neel Mukhopadhyay and Priya Karfa. The producer is Kaustav Ray.

Bye Bye Bangkok is also exploring new avenues of promotion, using innovative contests for free air tickets to Bangkok, candlelight dinners with the cast and crew, etc.

As we know, Aniket Chatterjee is also an acclaimed keen political observer, and the news editor for the Television channel KOLKATA TV. Among many other important positions, Aniket is an officer of the wildly popular Facebook Cinemania group. Like most people, he has deep political beliefs and touches upon the subject of the coming elections in West Bengal in a few months. Drawing into his delightful and inimitable wit, Aniket draws parallels from a sixer in cricket and scoring a goal in soccer, replayed in slow motion, while describing the political situation of West Bengal, and shares with us his thoughts on a widely anticipated change in political leadership of West Bengal. He also touches upon his wish of making films about social and political ideas he believes in, actually now having the resources to make such films with producers coming in to support him recently.

Best wishes for Aniket-da from all of us here at Washington Bangla Radio.