SYSTEM (Bengali, 2011) Bengali Movie By Riingo Banerjee To Reveal Kolkata Underworld

By Aditya Chakraborty

Tollywood Bengali Movie SYSTEM (2011) -  Indrajit, Shubhra, Ringo, Indranil in Kolkata
Indrajit, Shubhra, Riingo and Indranil

Tollywood hero Indranil and actress Shubhra
Subhra and Indraneil - images © Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Jan 4, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengali film-maker Riingo’s latest film "System" deals with the evolution of the underworld and shows how it exists in Kolkata and is actually part of the system, only that we deny it. This film will show that the underworld exists very much in Kolkata as well and not only in Mumbai which is literally the capital of the underworld in India.

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Since all of Riingo’s films are films with a difference, one can be assured that even this film will be different. He has just started shooting this film and the cast is very interesting where the male lead role is played by Indraneil Sengupta - his first ever proper commercial film as even Jodi Ekdin (Life Is Magic) was different, and Subhra Kundu plays the female lead role - playing Rani, a bar dancer. The supporting cast comprises of Indrajit, Kaushik Ganguly (WBRi Interview), Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Rajesh Sharma, Barun Chanda and others. The music is by Jeet Ganguly and there will be 5 songs. The singers are not yet decided fully but Alka Yagnik and James will be part of the lineup.

The climax of SYSTEM is expected to be shot at Sarkarina, a very famous hall where theater used to be staged decades back and is an institution by itself.

Other than being than the director, Riingo also doubles up as the editor and cinematographer and has written the screenplay and story as well. The choreographer is Dominic Alvarez from Mumbai.

The film is being produced by Brand Value Communications, a part of the Rose Valley Group.

The film is expected to be released around Paila Baisakh (around 15th April 2011).

The film is being shot currently at Lakeland Country Club where the director and the members of the cast met the press recently.