Dr. Sanghamitra Saha - the Rabindrasangeet expert, and her album Ganguli More

Dr Sanghamitra Saha

DR SANGHAMITRA SAHA sings Rabindrasangeet, and in this article we present some of her songs.

DR SANGHAMITRA SAHA was born at Behala in Kolkata in the year 1961. She is the first child of her parents and has two sisters and a brother. Sanghamitra's father, a gazetted officer of West Bengal Govt. was an illustrious personality.  He was an M.A. in Economics. In addition to that he passed the L.L.B. and D.M.S. examinations respectively. He was awarded the 'Sangeet Pravakar' title for his expertise in Classical Music. In her infancy Sanghamitra's mother looked after her all round development. Her mother also has an uncommon melodious voice.


At the age of six Sanghamitra used to sit silently beside her parents when they took 'talim' from their Guru, her conventional education had not started then. She learnt "sa-re-ga-ma" of her own accord and side by side she sang songs while playing a harmonium. In recognition of her boundless aptitude for music, Sanghamitra's parent's Guruji taught her a Rabindrasangeet ... "Na na go na, korona bhabana" .

Dr Sanghamitra Saha

In regard to Sanghamitra's family members, she would like to mention that her younger sister is an M.A. in Music and her brother in law is an M.Tech. & a D.G.M. of N.T.P.C. Power Management Institute. Her youngest sister has passed the B.Sc. Exam and obtained B.H.M.S. as well. Her husband is an M.V.Sc. & a high official of W.B. Govt. Last but not least Sanghamitra's brother is also in service in Central Govt.'s Meteorological Department. Sanghamitra's educational career is all along praiseworthy.

Dr Sanghamitra Saha

At the age of ten Sanghamitra made her debut appearance as a singer before a huge crowd. She first received her talim in Rabindrasangeet from Late Amar Mukhopadhyay. Then she learnt Rabindrasangeet from Late Manoj Sengupta, devoted disciple of Late Subinoy Roy, the exponent of Rabindrasangeet. Sanghamitra received lessons in Classical Music from Late Sambhunath Mukhopadhyay and after that from Sri Nihar Ranjan Bandyopadhyay, the well known musical maestro. Sanghamitra has taken talim in Rabindrasangeet from renowned Guru Smt. Maya Sen for 19 years.  At present Sanghamitra is taking talim from Sri Subhas Chaudhury, the expert in Rabindrasangeet and Rabindra Literature. She has also taken 'talim' of Bengali Modern songs from renowned Sri Jatileswar Mukhopadhyay and completed M.A. in Music from Rabindra Bharati University.

In her infancy the "Sangeet Guru" of her parents explored musical potentialities in Sanghamitra.

Dr Sanghamitra Saha

Sanghamitra's family consists of four members including her two sons and her husband. Her husband is a professor of physiology of high repute in Calcutta University and a reputed physician as well. He is her guide – guardian & philosopher. He instills a momentum in Sanghamitra's heart to go ahead with music which is why she is fully indebted to him. Of her two sons the elder one is studying Medical Science in China and the youngest one is a student of classVII of Ramkrishna Mission, Baranagar.

Dr Sanghamitra Saha

Quite a large number of memorable incidents have taken place in Sanghamitra's life. Of all the incidents, two remarkable incidents are still vivid in Sanghamitra's mind. One took place on 25th Baisakh (9 th May, 1983) when she sang Tagore's Song "Sarthak janam amar jonmechhi ai deshe" sitting in a moving car at Manicktala Crossing. It was so thrilling that a huge crowd gathered there to listen to my song and the traffic remained suspended for a while! She has another interesting incident in her mind: Once she sang Tagore's famous song "Tabu mone rekho" in her first album "Mone Rekho". It was so nicely sung with melodious voice that people mistakably thought it to be a song sung by 'Mohardi' better known as 'Kanika Bandyopadhyay' and most of the music lovers purchased that cassette.

Dr Sanghamitra Saha

Sanghamitra's songs are well appreciated in all functions she takes part in. In Eastern India Inter College Cultural Meet held in National Medical College she stood first in Rabindrasangeet & Rabindrasangeet Antakkhshari. The authorities being very much antagonized set aside Tagore's songs next year from the same meet. The next year also, she obtained second position in the group Atulprasad, Rajanikanta & Dwijendrageeti!

Till now Sanghamitra's three albums containing ten Tagore songs have been published named "Mone Rekho","Surer Dhara" and "Ganguli Mor" which have been well admired and side she has been also widely applauded.

Dr Sanghamitra Saha

Sanghamitra's aims & objectives behind these songs are to inculcate a spirit of universal brotherhood in the hearts of the people and ensure peace & harmony in the world. Through these songs she wants to spread message of peace and tranquility and eradicate castism and fanaticism from this trouble stricken world.

Besides being a singer Sanghamitra is also a physician. Her life is dedicated not to the Haves but also to the Have-nots. She firmly believes that in this mechanical era, only music can act as a both mental & physical therapy to mankind.

Sanghamitra will stop not till her objectives are put into realities. She is a lover of peace, calm and scenic beauty and wants to express her solidarity and togetherness with the people of the rest of the world through her songs.

She prays "Let my aims and objectives be put into realities.".

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