STAR Jalsha - Kuheli - The Truth Is Out There ?

Star Jalsha Kuheli Bengali TV Horror telefilm serial poster
Bengali TV Serial Kuheli Poster (C) STAR Jalsha, Star Group Ltd.
Kuheli is a Bengali TV Horror show series aired on the popular Indian Bangla STAR Jalsha TV Channel at 9:30 PM on Fridays. Each episode is a full-length telefilm (remember the Zee Horror Show ?). A beautiful young lady journalist is paired with a CID Inspector (CID is the Criminal Investigation Department, an Indian government agency roughly parallel to the FBI), and the pair get involved in various kinds of supernatural and extraordinary incidents involving ghosts, spooks, psychic phenonmena and the whole gamut. If you suddenly remember Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, you can be excused.

The 11th September 2009 episode was called "Kuheli: Abhishaap". A synopsis posted at the STAR Jalsa official website reads:

"Tias has to get rid of a tenant from one of the properties of her boss to save her job. Unfortunately, the tenant turns out to be a helpless old lady with no one to take care of her. Tias is soft natured and does not understand what to do. But she has to evacuate the property at any cost to save her job which she badly needs.
Once she manages to do that, the old lady is compelled to leave but not before cursing Tias that she will realise the consequences of her misdeed. Thereafter Tias starts seeing the old lady wherever she goes. The old lady mysteriously turns up at her place out of the blue. Tias does not understand what is going on. She calls upon her friend Esha to help her out."

Is it a coincidence that this sounds awfully familiar, as those of us who watched (and hated) "Drag Me To Hell" (English, 2009) may think ?

A still from Kuheli (STAR Jalsha) Bengali TV Series
A still from Kuheli (c) STAR Group Ltd.

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