Rajdrohi (2009) Fight Against The System Theatrical Trailer Release - Bengali Sci-Fi Movie Release in December 2009

Rajdrohi 2009 Bengali Movie PosterAvik Banerjee, the writer of the upcoming Kolkata Bengali movie RAJODROHI, has just released the first theatrical promo preview video of Rajdrohi on You Tube.The tag line is "Fight Against The System" - whoever came up with that tag line would probably have done better to say "Fight The System" - "against" is implied and takes the intended edge out of the phrase.

Rajdrohi was shot on locations at Kolkata and Vizag. Shooting started a few months ago - in April 2009. Apparently, the novice cast was unaccustomed to the demands of special effects, and it took some perseverance to learn to act in a movie with special effects integrated.

The classic BBC TV serial "The Invisible Man" seems to have inspired the style of the invisible man shown in the trailer. We wonder if the unforgettable scene of the invisible man eating food as shown in the BBC series has "inspired" a similar scene in Rajdrohi.

Another thing that strikes this writer is the complete mismatch by whoever was in charge of the wardrobe. The girls are too - let's say healthy - for the dresses they are put in - the dresses are not quite in tune with their figures, evoking a sense of fashion disaster.

Washington Bangla Radio has posted quite a few articles on Rajdrohi before. Now watch the free trailer of Rajdrohi online:

The 1st Sci-Fi Bengali movie of its kind "Rajdrohi", slated to release on December 2009.

Produced by : Rajkumar Tiwary

Directed by : Tapan Banerjee

Starring: Anshuman, Swati, Manali, Rajatava Dutta

Story: Avik Banerjee, Music: Babul Bose