Kites (2010) - Hrithik Barbara Gyrations Release Date May 21, 2010

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For an Indian Hindi movie that has the tagline "in love there are no boundaries", Kites is indeed honest. Hrithik Roshan, one of the reigning Bollywood film heroes, not only crosses the boundaries of around 40 countries, but also a couple of oceans to boot. He finally finds love in the arms of the sensuous latina actress Barbara Mori, and somehow crosses over the other kind of boundary, that of spoken language, as well. I am not sure if Hrithik says "main tumse pyaar karta hoon" and Barbara Mori says "te quiero!" in Kites - but we will know when it releases.

The release date of KITES is May 21, 2010.

More poetically, there is an allusion in Kites to two free souls soaring in the skies like kites, but kites are tied to strings controlled by ... and now we guess ... Fate or US Immigration Services or Kangana Ranaut forcing a love triangle or some such thing.

Directed by Anurag Basu, the cast credits also include Kangana Ranaut, Luce Rains and many others. Hrithik Roshan's dad Rakesh Roshan is the producer, and Hrithik's uncle Rajesh Roshan the music director. Kites will be distributed by Reliance Big pictures.

Watch the trailer of Kites:

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