Ishqiya (2010)

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Two buddies played by Nasiruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi are living their life their own, albeit unscruplous, way, driving around in a car with a little naked woman dangling under the rear view, dancing around with bottles of beer and guns in their hand. In a land where you live by the gun and die by the gun, the two buddies commit a heist, and run from the law into the shelter of a beautiful young widows house. Little do they know that the temptation and lust for a woman will turn out far more dangerous from the law they were running from. They will make the mistake of thinking they are in love and loved in return, and as always seen over the millenia, two reasonably intelligent men will dig their own grave, much like Senator John McCaine dug his own with Sarah Palin.

A quick look at the trailer reminds me of Naseeruddin Shah's stellar performance in Jalwa (one of my all-time favorite movies). Vidya Balan plays the desire-evoking woman to the hilt. Arshad Warsi is a powerful actor, too - and at first glance appears to manage to not fade into insignificance faced with the tremendous acting power of Naseeruddin Shah.

Ishquiyaan is an upcoming Indian Bollywood movie, directed by Abhishek Chaubey. The Shemaroo Entertainment and Vishal Bhardwaj Pictures Hindi language production has a release date of January 22, 2010.

Watch the free theatrical trailer of Isqiya online:

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