Friends Of Fusion debut album launched - Neel Dutt, Arko Mukherjee, Rajkumar, Deboprotim Bakshi, Bijit Mukherjee

Friends of Fusion Kolkata Bengali Band - World FusionArko Mukherjee, who you might recall as the singer of Maula in the film soundtrack from Madly Bengali (2009), Neel Dutt (yes - the son of the great Anjan Dutta who sang Tania in the same soundtrack as well as composed and directed the music for the movie), Rajkumar, Deboprotim Bakshi and Bijit Mukherjee have gotten together as the "Friends of Fusion". The debut album of Friends of Fusion, simply titled after the band's name, has been released under the Saregama (erstwhile HMV) label.

The band calls their music "contemporary classical" and their sound is that of Indian classical music fused with western instrumentation and rhythms with addictive jamming sessions that inebriates the mind. Though there have been pioneering bands from India and Pakistan previously establishing this genre, Friends of Fusion seems to have that spark of innovative creativity that makes their sound their own. Their songs straddle the blurry lines between blues ballads, Indian root music and the much abused label of "world fusion".

The roles of the members of the band are: Arko Mukherjee on vocals, Rajkumar on Guitars, Neel Dutt on Guitars / Nylon Strings, Deboprotim Baksi on drums and Bijit Mukherjee on Bass.

Rajkumar seems to have posted a couple of official music videos of Friends of Fusion on You Tube for you to listen to:

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