Mata Agemeswari Puja in Shantipur - WBRi Special Report

Goddess KaliGoddess KaliAround 600 years ago, when the entire Bengal, Orissa and Assam were flooded with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s Baishnaba Religion, Krishnananda Agambagish – descendant of Late Mathura Goswami, the elder son Adwaitya Mahaprabhu, Teacher and coworker of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, started to worship Shakti at their Nabadwip residence. He cried to Shakti everybody begging to see her – one night Maa told her to see at dawn as the first lady he wd ever see that dawn. Next dawn he saw his tribal maid servant standing with right foot in front- the hair was open- the black lady was keeping her hands as raised – from there he conceptualized the idol of Shakti as Dakshina Kali and worshipped her. Name of this 1st Dakshina Kali Idol is Mata Agemwswari and she is being worshipped till date on Deepabali night at Nabadwip and Shantipur, place of work and birth of Krishnananda Agambagish respectively.

Indian Hindu Goddess Kali PictureIndan Hindu Kali Goddess ImageNow we are coming to Shantipur which is famous for peaceful coexistence of both Baishanavas and Shaktas. Here the Mata Agemeswari temple is adjacent to the house of Late Mathura Goswami, famous as Bado Goswami Bati and she is being worshipped there for 600 years. If you see the picture minutely , you can see two boys are standing on ears of the idol – one at each ear. People say that once the priest has gone to some work during Puja keeping his two sons near Mata Agemeswari. When he returned, he could not find his sons. He asked Mother about their whereabouts, then mother told him she ate them as she could not eat anything from Naibedya ( offered food ) since the Puja was not completed, Then Priest prayed to her and she released his sons through her ear – so you can find those sons at two ears of the mother.

Though Mata Agemswari is being worshipped entire Deepabali night, Priests follow the Baishanaba way to worship her instead of Tantra way as Krishnananda Agambagish belonged to Baishnaba family.

Kali Goddess Hindu Asian PictureThe idol’s is height is equivalent to a two storied building and she is decorated with gold and silver ornaments weighted more than 100 Kgs.

Previously the puja was observed in Mashal ( torch ) light and the immersion procession was also happened with those torches. Now the practice has been stopped by some notice of Government of West Bengal.

The Goswamis have the patent of face of the Idol and the surprising thing is, the artisan draws the eyes from behind of the mother.

The entire Shantipur participate to worship Mata Agemeswari every year and in the immersion procession.

- Subhomoy Mukhopadhyay, Washington Bangla Radio News, Kolkata