Bengali Poem Recitation from Sukanya Dutta - Actress Composer Lyricist Poetess Painter Photographer - a Versatile Artist

                       Sukanya Dutta is a versatile artist from India’s cultural capital, Kolkata. She is primarily a vocal and screen artist having quite a few music albums, live performances, television serials and films to her credit. She is an artist dedicated to creativity in different aspects of fine arts.
                        In the field of music, besides being able to sing in 5 languages, she is a composer as well as a lyricist. She has composed the music of Sukanya Duttaseveral of her most popular numbers. Her lyrics have emerged from her profound ability to write poems. She has been a poet since she was 6 years old and has her own indigenous style both in Bengali as well as in English. Her poems portray a distinctly original style and can be categorized as serious literary pieces that are at the same time very lucid and easy reading. Her Bengali poetry (Bangla Kobita) has been published in some of the most important publications in Bengali literature.
                        Sukanya’s first book of Bengali poems – ‘Mon’ was published in September 2004. The book was officially released by erudite author and poet Mr. Dibyendu Palit at a press conference held at The Oberoi Grand in Kolkata. The event was very well attended and the hall was filled beyond capacity that included several personalities from Bengali literature, music and cinema bearing testimony to the popularity and reverence of Sukanya in the hearts and minds of the people of Bengal as an artist true to the sense of the word. The event was covered widely by the media including 11 Television Channels.
                         The book ‘Mon’ contains 78 poems. They are mostly philosophical realisations and lucid portrayal of thoughts. Some of her Bengali poems include: Teerer Dike, Ichchhamoti, Na Hoy, Batabriksha, Sosta Swapno, Anno Kabita, Jodi Nite Chao, Bhabitabya Bhabiswat, Haate, Prabasi, Perfume, Naree. Poems in English are Still, Imagine, Mirror has Two Faces, Says the Butterfly, I missed Him, Existence or…., Vacuum, The Tips, The Taste of Love, Let Me, Winter, To Diana, Princess of Wales.
                         She deserves to be addressed as ‘a complete artist’ because of her fundamental ability to create spontaneously. This inherent ability in her has resulted in her drawings not only on paper but also using the PC as a canvas. Her creativity has also manifested in her photography – amazing and intriguing images captured through her lens-eye.
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Listen to Sukanya Dutta's Bengali Poem recitation online:
Bhalobasar Katha
Gajoner Mela
Jodi Nite Chao