The Historic Jagadhatri (special Durga Puja) of the Chatterjees of Shantipur - Bonedi Barir Pujo

Shantipur Chatterjee Durha Pujo - 1Shantipur Chatterjee Durha Pujo - 2Once Jamindar Of Krishnanagar , Bhabani Prasad Majumdar, was captivated by then Nawab of Bengal, Murshidkuli Khan for not giving khajna ( tax ) on time.

That was the time of Durgapuja. He was in deep depression at the time of Sandhipuja for not worshipping Devi Durga that time. Then in dream, Devi Durga appeared Four Handed Deep Orange Colored Jagadhatri as sitting on Lion, Killing Karindasur ( the elephant demon ) and told him to worship her on Sukla Nabami Tithi next to Durga Nabami tithi and complete the three days Durga Puja from Saptami to Nabami on the same day – He freed after Diwali and started Jagadhatri puja that year on Kartik Sukla Nabami tithi at his house, famous as Krishnanagar Rajbari.

Shantipur Chatterjee Durha Pujo - 3Shantipur Chatterjee Durha Pujo - 4Shantipur is a small township near Krishnangar where Chatterjees woshipping Jagadhatri for nearly 300 years – on Astami tithi they performed Bodhan Puja, on Nabami they started Saptami at the time of Sunrise followed by Astami, Sandhipuja and Nabami and Sandhyarati – during Sandhipuja they performed Kumari Puja. Next day is Dashami. Their idol is traditional, deep orange colored dressed up with red Benaras Silk and gold and silver ornaments. They started puja with sponsorship of East India Company and made the temple with that money. Once they became poor and decided not to worship Jagadhatri Devi more due to poor financial condition but two days before puja, Devi came to their maid servant and told her to give her entry to Chatterjee House. After listening that, Chatterjees did not stop the puja and the puja never stopped. Chatterjees also worship Devi Durga and Devi Kali at the same temple.

- Report by Subhomoy Mukherjee, WBRi