Kolkata Superhit Bangla Movie Bolo Na Tumi Aamar (2009) - Dev, Koel Mullick

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Very few people are expecting Bolo Na Tumi Amar to be brilliantly original. Actually, director Sujit Mondal told The Telegraph: "Most Bengali films are a copy nowadays. I admit that Saat Pake Bandha was a copy of Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain but the story had universal appeal. Similarly Bolo Na Tumi Sujit Mondol is understandably reluctant to mention the original film he copied Bolo Na Tumi Amaar from.

Dev, whose real name is Deepak Adhikari, is a rural-Bengal born Calcutta film hero. Deepak Adhikary is a Bengali, unlike the other Tollywood pop hero Jeet,whose Hindi-accented Bengali causes quality Bengali movie-lovers to flinch every time he says something. Dev has an education in computer engineering - making him a rare actor who can also program computers. According to reports, Dev will play the drifter Abhishek.

Koyel Mullick tries hard to maintain the aura of a quintessential Bengali woman that the mainstream Bengali movie-going masses can relate with. She is the daughter of Kolkata cinema veteran Ranjit Mullick, and was born in 1982. Now at 27, Koel still goes by her parents' wishes, as all proper Bengali girls are expected to do. She has declined a couple of Bollywood opportunities. Koel plays Madhurima in the flick.

Tota Roychowdhury, a member of the Roy Chowdhury clan who own MP Jewellers, has decent acting capabilities and plays a police inspector.

Interestingly, Dev started his career with an item song for the film "Chirodini Tumi je Amar". His last movie with Koyel Mullick was Sujit Guha's Mon Mane Na (2008). Dev has recently appeared in the box-office hit Dujone (2009) which just completed 50 days of run at Kolkata movie theaters.

Koyel will appear in upcoming Bangla movies Hit List (2009) written and directed by Sandip Ray, and  Sujit Guha's Neel Akasher Chandni. She was the heroine of Saat Paake Bandha with Jeet that did very well at the box office earlier this year.

The film is produced by Surinder Films, presented by Nishpal Singh. It has an expected release date of Christmas 2009.

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