Sutirth Mukherjee - New CD "Fall In Love" Released

bengali pop songs by sutirthSutirth is trained in Hindustaani classical music and still undergoing his vocal training under the renowned vocal trainer Mrs Rina basu of Bangalore.

Sutirth an ex software professional now works as a Director of Music in Head Start school and as a music educator in Prakriya green Wisdom school Bangalore.

He also runs his own Evening school of music in Bangalore, where there are opportunities to learn classical vocal, keyboard (piano style), guitar(western), and BMA (Basic Music Awareness ) which is mainly designed for the age group of 5 to 6.

Sutirth considers himself as a pop musician who sings varied genres of songs like (Rabindro sangeet, semi classical, Indi pop , soft rock, and bollywood ) and he is being performing live since his childhood.

Bangla Pop Album - Sutirth - Fall in loveDebut album FALL IN LOVE:
Sutirth a singer, composer , songwriter has released his debut album this pujo titled "FALL IN LOVE" Though the songs are in Bengali, there has been a specific and constant effort to reach the highest levels of aesthetic and audio quality, such as we are used to seeing in International albums. The music of the album is composed , written and sung by Sutirth who is based in Bangalore, and the sound has been designed by Joel, who is coming up as one of the most promising sound designers in the industry as well as being a singer-songwriter himself.

Even while designing the inlay of the album it was decided that unlike all the rest of the albums in the market, this album would have a cover which would readily catch the attention of the people so that they garner the curiosity to find out what are the songs like, rather than judging it and discarding the album based on what they see on the outside. The album is being promoted under the banner of the company titled Cozmik Harmony. The Celebrity guests present on press release day was Silajit and Paroma.

Finally to sum up, since a lot of positive effort has gone in the production of the cd, one only hopes that your acceptance and love will add a lot morepositive energy to the creative endeavor.

Sutirth - Fall in Love

    * Ektu Biswas (A little bit of faith)
    * Fall in Love
    * Infatuation
    * Paagol (The Mad)
    * Poran hu-hu (Heart Burns)
    * Tobu Tomake (But only you)

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