15th Kolkata Film Festival 2009 Web-site flagged as a malware site harmful for your computer

In an unfortunate incident sure to set back the government's attempts at rapid adoption of technology as a means of communication and promotion of the eagerly awaited 2009 Calcutta Film Festival, the official web-site of the festival has been flagged as a carrier of malware and computer viruses.

The film festival is sponsored by the government of the state of West Bengal, India, and the organizers are the West Bengal Film Center of the state government.

Many interested people are surely disappointed about the information being so close, yet so far.

WBRi strongly encourages internet users to heed the warnings that appear when services like the wonderful Google toolbar flag dangerous sites. This is for the safety of their computer, their personal data and to try to avoid their identity being stolen.

WBRi urges The Rozaleenda Group, Inc, the posted maintainers of the Calcutta Film Festival web-site, to take rapid corrective action.

Here are a couple of screenshots from when this correspondent attempted to visit the 15th Kolkata Film Festival 2009 website.

Calcutta Film Festival 2009 Virus Attack - 1

Calcutta Film Festival 2009 Virus Attack - 2


Calcutta Film Festival 2009 Virus Attack - 3