Chandmama (Bengali) - Chandamama - Read the Classic Indian Children's Magazine Online Free in 9 Languages

Chandamama Free Childrens Magazine Online Do you miss the Chandamama magazine that you grew up with ? Remember the days you could not wait for the next issue ? Even grown-ups would compete with you to get to a hot new just-delivered issue first !

Thanks to the efforts of the folks who publish Chandmama and the folks who invented the internet (40 years ago!), you can now read the Chandamama magazine online for free. No question at all this will cause you to take nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Chandamama is as old as the Republic of India, established in 1947. The iconic magazine for many generations in India, it has consistently delivered fairy tales, modern-day stories, fact, fiction and thought-provoking features, comics and games, often reaching into the unimaginably rich mythology, folklore, history and fantasy of the Indian subcontinent. Who does not remember the endless adventures of Vikram carrying Betaal on his shoulders ?

Chandamama is the only children’s magazine in India to publish in 13 languages.

The website was launched in 2007. The new owners of the iconic magazine - Geodesic Inc. - are rightly aspiring to bring Chandamama to new media like mobile phones, television, and films.
in this increasingly global world.

Best of luck, Chandamama - we look forward to a Chandamama iPhone app.

In the meanwhile, you can read old issues (really old issues!) of Chandmama Children's Magazine for free online on their website here.

Chandamama can be contacted in Kolkata at:
Ananth Prakash
Circulation Manager-East
Mobile +91 98351 82202

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