Arshi Khan Spends Birthday with Underprivileged Children at Orphanage

Aarshi Khan

Mumbai, Nov 29 (Washington Bangla Radio): Spunky lass Arshi Khan celebrated her birthday with street kids at an orphanage in Mumbai. She visited two different places and played with the kids for about two hours. She also went for a short walk with the kids to a nearby garden and played various games with the kids and distributed sweets and food packets, etc for the kids.

Khan was reportedly attacked with a beer bottle recently, and a police report filed promptly. According to a press release, writer-director Mahesh Bhatt congratulated Mumbai police for acting swiftly and registering the FIR: "In some cases the police do not even register an FIR. I am happy that the police have acted quickly and taken cognizance of the crime. There are incidents of violence and intolerance in India and I do believe that intolerance in our country is on the rise."

Referring to the Arshi Khan incident Bhatt vehemently condemned the attack on a woman: "We cannot call ourselves a civilized society if we attack women".