India Bike Week: Signature Chai and Pakoda Breakfast in Run Up

India Bike Week 2016

New Delhi, Nove 27 (Washington Bangla Radio): The legendary Chai & Pakoda Breakfast Run comes to the nation’s capital this Sunday with over 200 bikers participating from various biking clubs throughout the city. Following from last week’s ride in Mumbai, the Delhi edition is a continuation of India Bike Week (IBW)’s 2016 social calendar, and serves as a prelude to the monster festival set to take place in Goa on the 19th and 20th of February, 2016.

The annual C&P runs serve as the foundation upon which IBW has built a strong fraternity with the biking communities across India.  The nature of the Chai & Pakoda Breakfast Rides runs deep with bikers, allowing them to express their passion for riding, strengthen the spirit of brotherhood, and extend the culture of biking. This weekend’s breakfast ride will bring together a diverse range of biking enthusiasts, from the dedicated aficionados sporting heavy-duty Harleys and Triumphs, to the more casual fans atop Pulsars and Yamahas.

This year, the main theme for the Chai & Pakoda rides is ‘road safety’. Planning a host of special initiatives that align with the theme, the rides will be inaugurated following a special session on road safety and riding discipline. Additional initiatives include the introduction of IBW Biking Marshals who act as pack leaders, each patrolling a pack of 20 speed machines, all the while maintaining a synchronized proximity between the riding groups. Finally, the IBW management this year will also provide a tailing ambulance service for medical support during the ride.

You can register for the Chai and Pakoda ride here >

The idea behind the C&P Breakfast Runs is a simple one: bringing together more than 500 biking enthusiasts in 20 cities across the length of India, setting them a route, and letting them ride free. It’s an opportunity to meet like-minded people, enjoy a good breakfast, and share the bonhomie with friends old and new, united by a common passion for these magnificent machines. These breakfast runs culminate in the fourth edition of India’s only Biker Festival for Bikers, by Bikers – India Bike Week ’16.

India Bike Week (IBW) is the first and only festival in India that’s built exclusively around bikes, bikers, music and much more.  Conceptualized and initiated in 2013 by Seventy Event Media Group and Fox Life, India Bike Week is the nation’s largest dedicated biking festival.

Bringing alive various elements close to a biker’s heart, IBW features a host of star attractions like live bands, movie screenings, Bikini Bike Wash, the Bike Build-Offs, and National Stunt Championship, along with new Bike launches, custom and vintage bike displays, and sessions with international Biker Legends. In addition to that, the festival showcases iconic biking experiences through the best names in motorbike stunt championships, a biking film festival, the international Bike Expo, biker rallies, the Hard Enduro Challenge, and the infamous Moto Trails show by Dougie Lampkin. As a highlight to this 2016 edition, it will feature the iconic “IBW Main Street”, showcasing the first Biker Carnival Parade ever organized in India. Establishing itself as the annual mecca for all things related to the biking culture, IBW builds itself to be more engaging and adrenaline filled, covering every aspect of the biking lifestyle. From Musicians to Marine Engineers and from Celebrities to CEO’s, INDIA BIKE WEEK brings together over 10,000 attendees spanning across domestic demographics and international borders.

Starting November 2015, a host of signature events featuring The Moto Art Collective, Chai & Pakoda Breakfast Runs & Biker Meets will feature as monthly biker community binding initiatives, leading to the mega biking carnival on the 19th & 20th of February 2016.

With the festival’s yearly growth, the annual biking extravaganza has fuelled ties with numerous biking clubs in the country, while also cultivating associations with some of the biggest brands in the automotive industry from Harley Davidson, Castrol, MRF and many more.