Unsung 26/11 Mumbai Terrorsit Attack Heroes Tribute Film Opens in Theaters in India

TEAM Aishwarya (left) RaJ Konar (centre) Prathik Belose_Prashant Machar_Suraj_Alex_Vicky_Ritesh_Dhruv_Jigar_Kunj
TEAM Aishwarya (left) RaJ Konar (centre) Prathik Belose_Prashant Machar_Suraj_Alex_Vicky_Ritesh_Dhruv_Jigar_Kunj

FadooTv.com released a 3-minute film presenting India's national anthem.

- It brings together around 100+ heroes who fought with terrorists and rescued many lives
- Bollywood’s hit duo Salim & Sulaiman Merchant lent their music expertise to the film
- Bollywood Actor Farhan Akhtar has lent his voice for the introduction of the film
- The film will be complimentary to all the leading broadcasters to run it on their channel

Mumbai, Nov 25 (Washington Bangla Radio): FadooTv.com released ‘The Tribute To The Unsung Heroes Of 26/11/2008’ a film presenting the national anthem, today. This two minute thirty seconds film will be shown in all theatres nationally to honor the unsung heroes of the tragic terrorist attacks that took place seven years ago. This brings more than 100 such brave hearts together, which include Mumbai’s top police officers, doctors and staff of Cama Hospital, staff and employees of Taj and Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai Fire Brigade and  family members of those who lost their lives, among many others.

Watch: 26/11 National Anthem - Tribute to the unsung heroes of 26/11/2008 | Fadoo TV

Mr. Raj Konar, Founder - FadooTV.com, whose brainchild it is stated that, “It’s been seven years to this tragic event. It’s saddening that every single person out there recognizes the name of that one terrorist, but little do they know about our national heroes who stood on the front line and took the bullets to their chest. It took us 3 years of rigorous follow ups, knocking every possible door of govt. officials, committed hard work and sweat to make this film. I am very proud that it is now out there for citizens to see the brighter side of that day via this film tribute.”

The film has received music from the very popular Salim & Sulaiman Merchant. This tribute film features an introduction by Farhan Akhtar who readily agreed as he resonated to the essence of this initiative and the horror of the events. His introduction is followed by the melodic unison of artists, namely, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan and Kailash Kher who all present the heroes by singing the national anthem.

Co-founder Aishwarya Sandeep - FadooTV.com corroborates, “Being from a non-filmy background it was very difficult, we approached many musicians. It was Salim Merchant who agreed immediately and offered his support. In fact many technicians and artists including Accord Equips helped us with resources for free because they all believed in the cause. We are grateful for their contribution in making this video a success and see day-light.”

The film was first previewed at the 17th Jio MAMI Film Festival and was played before every film screening. The spontaneous responses elicited after viewing this National Anthem, was stirring and heart-rending. Filmmaker Nagesh Kukonnor shared on Twitter that the film was ‘dramatic and inspiring’ while a film enthusiast Vivek said, “In the last three days, I’ve watched this national anthem more than the numbers of films now. And it gives me *goosebumps* every time.”

The film can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of Fadoo Media Pvt. Ltd., fadootv.com and in all movie theatres nationally.