Shemaroo Institute of Film and Technology (SIFT) Becomes First Certified Nuke Authorized Training Institute by The Foundry

Mumbai, Nov 19 (Washington Bangla Radio): The Foundry, one of the most reputed names in the world of Animation and VFX certifies Shemaroo Institute of Film and Technology (SIFT) as Nuke Authorized Training Institute. SIFT, now is the 1st and only institute in Mumbai to get this certification.

Students at SIFT now, will not only get to learn from a panel of expert trainers but also will get certificates from The Foundry itself. The Foundry certificate is recognized across the globe and hence is beneficial for individuals who want to pursue their career in post production. Students will also get opportunity to work on live projects to get hands-on-experience.

Nuke is the most preferred VFX Editing & Finishing software in the market. Most studios have now started shifting their project pipeline into Nuke. Films and Tele series alike have been conceptualized and executed in NUKE. Films like Krish 3, Ra One and Baahubali among others have been completely done in Nuke.

NUKE range offers cutting-edge tool kits covering VFX, editorial and finishing across solutions that deliver unparalleled speed, functionality and collaboration possibilities. Whether one is a single shot compositor or working across projects end to end, one can find all the tools needed to get the job done fast, without quality compromise, in NUKE STUDIO.

Mr. Hemant Karani (Studio, VP) says “We are glad to announce SIFT as the only Nuke Authorized Training Centre in Mumbai. Students interested to pursue their career in Post Production now will get The Foundry certificate at our centre. Individuals trained at SIFT are job ready professionals who can start working the next day.”

The Foundry Vision Mongers Ltd has been recognized worldwide for its contribution to the world of Animation and VFX. The company started in 1996. They have given many awards winning Software’s. The products developed by foundry have always been appreciated by first time users and Professionals alike. The foundry has also been into developing plug-ins for other software’s as well. Out of the Few recognized software’s and Plug-in are Nuke, Mari, Keylight Plug-in, Camera Tracker and Furnace Plug-ins among others.

Shemaroo institute of film & technology (S.I.F.T) is a part of Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. Shemaroo is one of the oldest and leading entertainment companies in India. We at S.I.F.T are driven by passion and experience. Our motive is to make sure that our students are always seen different from others. With rising number of films produced every year there is always a demand for a learned professional by the filmmakers, S.I.F.T was founded only to provide quality and skilled professionals who would be the driving force of the film industry in future. Our course design is crafted with practical knowledge for students to work on live projects. We have an infrastructure of 30,000 sq. feet for students to explore and make the best use of it.