Mukesh Khanna Visits "Mumbai Dreams" Actor Dr. Rajesh Bakshi After Fall Injury

By Sanjay Sharma Raj

Rajesh Bakshi in Pran's Zanjeer attire
Dr. Rajesh Bakshi in a still from "Cash Hai To Aish Hai"

Mumbai, Nov 17 (Washington Bangla Radio): World famous Acupressure specialist Dr. Rajesh Bakshi has been acting in movies and theatre for a long time. So far he has played roles in 26 Hindi and more than 22 Punjabi, Haryanvi and Rajasthani movies and TV shows.

Mukesh Khanna and Dr. Rajesh Bakshi
Mukesh Khanna and Dr. Rajesh Bakshi

Dr. Bakshi is also playing the main antagonist role in the Bollywood film "Cash Hai Toh Aish Hai" where he dons Pran's iconic get-up from Hindi movie Zanjeer.

Recently he fell and hurt his liver during a shoot at Delhi - Haryana border. He was shooting for the movie 'Mumbai Dreams' for director Shivam Yadav. He spent one month in a hospital and is now resting in his home in Rohtak in Haryana from one month.

He received calls from film producers, directors, actors inquiring about his health. But actor Mukesh Khanna made it a point to visit him in his Rohtak house.

"Mukesh Khanna is a good actor but is a great human. I am unable to find words to thank him. It is difficult to find a good human being as well as a friend," said Dr. Rajesh Bakshi.