Arijit Singh enthralls fans at Gold Acres P C Chandra Gardens Kolkata

By J P Mandal (reporter), Asmita Mukherjee (Editor)

Arijit Singh [WBRi]

Kolkata, Nov 17 (Washington Bangla Radio): Indian singing sensation Arijit Singh mesmerized Kolkata with his enchanting presence in a live  concert and received a massive response from his fans in this part of the country.

The singer who came into limelight from the reality show Fame Gurukul (2005) enthralled the audience with his songs like ‘Kaabira’, ‘Raabta’, ‘Phir Mohabbat’. The audience was literally taken into a trance by the singer.

Four Musketeers - Harsh, Abhishek, Mayank and Deepak

Arijit Singh Live in Concert was organized by four school friends Harsh, Abhishek, Mayank and Deepak ,  who  call themselves as 'Four Musketeers'  and the venue was  the Gold Acres P C Chandra Gardens - II , Kolkata.

The singer  was reluctant to speak to the media, but one of the members of  the “ Four musketeers “ said, ““We four are friends since school days, and we organized this concert totally out of our passion for music. We wanted this concert to be massive which Kolkata has never seen before, with 60 people in the band and Arijit Singh singing LIVE. We wanted to give Kolkata something that they could have never imagined and we hope that we’ve been successful in doing that.”

Gold Acres P C Chandra Gardens - II , Kolkata

The event went on as Arijit performed scintillating back to back numbers before he finally took a bow, quite literally, to the revering crowd.

It was a successful concert with more than 3,000 people attending and all of them went home  with a delightful experience and some wonderful musical notes  in their hearts.