DEV - Subhashree Ganguly in New Bangla Movie DHUMKETU: First Look, Story and Preview of Kaushik Ganguly's Next Film

By JP Mandal (writer), Asmita Mukherjee (editor)

Dev - Subhashree Ganguly in Dhumketu
Dev - Subhashree Ganguly in Dhumketu

Kolkata, Nov 11 (Washington Bangla Radio): Dev weds Subhasree on-screen early on in the film.

DEV, Subhasree and Kaushik Ganguly
DEV, Subhasree and Kaushik Ganguly in Wedding scene from upcoming Indian Tollywood Bengali film Dhumketu

Tollywood hit pair Dev and Shubhasree will be seen together on screen after a considerable gap of nearly three years in Kaushik Ganguly’s film "Dhumketu".  Dev, the highest paid actor of Tollywood, is busy shooting for the film at scenic locations of Nainital.

Dev - Subhashree Ganguly in Dhumketu
Dev - Subhashree Ganguly in Dhumketu

The story of ‘Dhumketu’ revolves around a man called Megh (Dev) who works as a tea estate manager. Megh gets married early in life but soon loses his job due to a crisis. The story is about his struggle to make ends meet. Actress Shubhasree plays the role of Megh’s wife in the movie.

The film is directed by ace director Kaushik Ganguly who has made his previous movies with actors like Saswata Chattopadhyay and Ritwick Chakraborty; but in this film he has chosen Dev and Shubhasree , both of whom are commercial Bengali movie stars. The director has the reputation of making  movies of strong and sensitive content. He and Tollywood hero DEV in the movie have an entirely different set of audience. So, it will be interesting to see what  this Dev-Kaushik Ganguly combination finally proffers.

Interesting updates are coming from sources in the unit which include the banning of cell phones on the sets. Reportedly this measure has been taken by the director as he does not want to reveal the look of Dev before the release of the movie.  His look in the film is the result of  an excruciatingly long five hours of make up.  The director has hinted that the audience have never seen Dev in such an avatar before.

DEV Subhashree

The marriage sequence of Dev and Shubhasree was the very first shot captured at a  location in the city of Kolkata before the unit moved on to Nainital.  The unit  was at first supposed to shoot in Kashmir but later Nainital was selected for various reasons.

Subhashree DEV Marriage - DEV marries Shubhasree in Dhumketu

About the title "Dhumketu" (comet) Kaushik Ganguly has said, "Just like comets arrive in the sky suddenly and disappear in the same way, the story of the film has elements which do  the same."

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