Review: Indian Chief Vintage Motorcycle in India - Test Ride Report: Thunder without lightning

Indian Chief Vintage Motorcycle Review

Gurgaon, Nov 9 (Washington Bangla Radio): Experts at got their hands on the intoxicating and massive machine from Indian Motorcycle that had them totally besotted by its charismatic looks. The first impression of the bike is indubitably impressive and has to be, as it has been crafted intricately. This in turn brings attention to the small details visible on the Indian Chief Vintage that gets it brownie points. But as they say, looks can be deceptive, the robust stance may steal your attention, nevertheless, do not mistake this bike with one of those performance yielding bikes that we have around. Weighing 379kg, Indian Chief Vintage in BikePortal’s view is a perfect fusion of conventional and contemporary looks. Use of leather makes it appear up-market, chrome has been used generously that lends it class, moreover the large forks and fenders add to the modish semblance.

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What we at BikePortal found extremely interesting is the smart engine design that doesn’t look out of the place; in fact it fits in well with the rest of the body. The thunder stroke, air-cooled engine features convoluted fins which come out as a visual treat for onlookers. Head lamp and fog lamp are large in size and the brake calipers placed under the fender appear smooth. Use of leather around the seats and panniers is a big thumbs up, however the large leather fringes hanging on either side is a big put off. Thankfully, these can be removed.

BikePortal experts found the mean machine to be very simple in usage (as in the operation), it isn’t a complicated vehicle that just looks good but leaves the driver perplexed. Key-less ignition is among one of the prominent features available on the bike. Digital gauge upfront, provides ample necessary information to the rider like it features odometer, dual trip-meters, it gives information about gear position and a lot more.

Coming to the seating comfort, our experts found it very snug; the laid back placement works for the bike. Adding to the comfort is the thick bolstering ensuring a cozy experience while on the go. Even the pillion has got enough space. Foot rests for rider are well placed, but the gear shifter is positioned a tad far from the foot rest. There is enough space for storage under the leather panniers.  But how we wish the leather panniers and fuel filling cap could be locked.

Coming to the hardware, a muscular 1,811cc, Thunder Stroke, V-Twin power-train supplying 100 Bhp and 139 Nm of torque at 2600 RPM is employed. In BikePortal’s view, the bike as our experts rode it, touches top speed of 160 kmph. Besides, the roaring noise that the vehicle generates sounds like music to the ear, especially to the bike enthusiasts. It definitely makes head turn in envy. The company also offers custom exhausts that help generate louder noise.

Suspension is smooth offering a hassle free ride on highways as well as on narrow roads filled with pot holes. Handling is again appreciable; the bike remains stable even at high speeds and handles sharp corners well. Braking is yet another area that contributes to an adept ride experience, as for this one, the 300mm dual discs in front and 300mm single brake at rear justify their role. There is an anti-lock-braking system too which bolsters the braking action.

BikePortal’s verdict: Indian Chief Vintage is a visually delightful bike that comes for a lot of money, but then it is worth every penny.