Clare Stewart’s new favorite - Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan [WBRI File Photo]

Mumbai, November 9 (Washington Bangla Radio): Versatile actor Irrfan Khan has won over the Indian as well as the international audiences with his talent. The actor has been receiving praises from audience and critics alike; adding to the list is BFI London Film Festival’s director, Clare Stewart.

Australia-born Clare, who first headed Sydney Film Festival, is also on the jury of India Gold at the 17th MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, believes that Irrfan is one of the best contemporary Indian actors.

Talking about the actor, Stewart said, “We just played Guilty (Talvar) at the film festival there. Irrfan is such a terrific actor; it’s always a pleasure to see him inhibit his roles. We were very impressed with his ‘The Lunchbox’ a couple of years ago. I am a big fan of the film. Irrfan is someone who understands nuance and embodies his roles, it’s really great.”

Here is wishing the actor all the best for his future projects.