Bappaditya Bandopadhyay's Sohra Bridge (2016): the last bow of a brilliant film-maker

English: Cherrapunjee or Sohra - Wettest place...

English: Cherrapunjee or Sohra:
Wettest place on earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By J P Mandal (author) and Asmita Mukherjee (editor)

Kolkata, Nov 8 (Washington Bangla Radio): Kolkata based Bengali filmmaker Bappaditya Bandopadhyay left for his heavenly abode on 7th of November at around 8:45 pm IST after suffering multiple organ failure. He was only 45.

The director is known for films like Kantatar (2006), Elar Chaar Adhaya (2012), Kagojer Bou (2012) and Nayika Sangbad (2013). He ventured into Bollywood with the film Devaki (2005).

He completed his last work "Sohra Bridge" - a tri-lingual film doing rounds of the festival circuit. He had started planning for another film based on the theme of death, and death itself stopped him from exploring it further.

The story of "Sohra Bridge" is based on a father-daughter relationship. Ria is a modern girl and yet she is rooted in her culture. She wonders about, and travels around, to address some unresolved issues left behind by her father. But little does the girl know that she would come face to face with her past, of which she wants to get rid of.

While searching for her father, she goes on a trip to Sohra in Cherrapunji. Are the events that happen there for real or are they parts of her imagination ? The director dealt with this dilemma in the film.

The character of Ria is played by Niharka Singh who shot to fame in Bollywood with “Miss Lovely”. The role of her father is portrayed by Barun Chanda. The film also stars Nishita Goswami and Paul Phukan from Assam and Khashi actor Merlvin J Mukhim along with Prateik Sen and Raj Banerjee.

The dialogue of the film are in three languages - Bangla, Assamese and Khasi.

The film has been shot at Sohra - a village in Cherrapunjee district of Meghalaya, the wettest place in the world. This location plays an important part in the movie. It is an isolated, unexplored, beautiful and a politically volatile part of the Indian North-East.

Sohra Bridge has been selected for IFFI 2015 to be held in Goa. After completing its journey across a few more film festivals, the movie was slated to have a release date in January 2016.

Unfortunately the director will not be there to share his thoughts about the film and joy of his creation.

WBRi had spoken to Bappaditya in an exclusive interview a few years ago. Watch the video online.