Singh Is Bling: Amy Jackson rides in style

Amy Jackson [WBRi File Photo]
Prabhu Deva changed her introduction scene when he learned she is an equestrian

Amy Jackson will be taking a flying leap into Bollywood's A-league with Akshay Kumar and the action comedy, Singh Is Bling, in October. And what better way to do it than on horseback.

“Horse riding is not new to me. I have learnt it from the master herself, my mother who was an instructor in Liverpool,” says Amy who grew up riding ponies and was transported back in time when she was galloping around on camera in Romania recently.

Since she plays a feisty, independent girl in the film, the director, Prabhu Deva, had planned to introduce her with a big action sequence. “But when I was talking to her, she revealed how she had grown up around horses and was an expert rider. That sparked off a thought: Why don't I introduce her by letting her ride into the frame. It would be different and have the impact we wanted”, reveals Prabhu Deva, explaining the sudden twist in the tale.

Amy was only happy to oblige and says it's one of her best shoots. They shot on Snagov Grounds outside Bucharest with around 40 horses, some of them transported from neighboring Bulgaria. “It was the hottest day but the heroine was cool as cucumber and even better than the local Romanian riders,” says a source from the sets.