Strong Message of "Yaara Silly Silly" (2015) Hindi Movie Impresses Barkha Singh

Barkha Singh

Mumbai, Nov 6 (Washington Bangla Radio): Former chairperson of the Delhi Women’s Commission, ex-MLA and the current president of the Delhi Pradesh Mahila Congress, Barkha Singh says that she was highly moved by the touching message in Subhash Singh’s upcoming film, ‘Yaara Silly Silly’.

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“An important message is conveyed powerfully in the film . It’s an excellent effort by Subhashji, he deserves a special mention for brilliantly depicting the internal strengths of woman on screen. I'm hopeful that the strong message goes deep down the hearts of people just like how it went down my heart,” said Singh in an interview.

Singh added, "The picturization of the film is so distinct that the heroine's character portrayal looks extremely brilliant.  In the films made nowadays, the couple generally gets together, gets married and settles down. There is nothing like this in the film and that's what makes the film so different.

The way in which the man rescues the woman and completely transforms her life with his goodness and helpfulness, conveys a very significant message."

The protagonists of the film are Paoli Dam and Parambrata Chatterjee, who share a light-hearted yet intense chemistry as seen in the trailer and songs of the film. About the leads, Singh says, “Both the hero and the heroine have beautifully played their characters and done full justice to their roles,” she added.

Barkha Singh

‘Yaara Silly Silly’ directed by Subhash Sehgal is jointly produced by Reena Bhushan Suri and Neena Subhash Sehgal under the banner Movee Dreems,has a release date on November 6.