DuKool - A Bangla-English Magazine for Bengalis in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand

Dukool Bangla - English Monthly MagazineDukool is a unique, bilingual arts and culture Bangla monthly magazine for Bengali and English-speaking readers in the US and around the world. Through its print magazine and online content, Dukool Magazine serves the Bengali-American community by providing a needed platform for literary, intellectual, and cultural exchange.

By publishing both Bengali- and English-speaking writers side-by-side in their original languages, Dukool offers an invaluable opportunity for first and further generation Bengalis to engage with both languages within the same magazine.

With over 500,000 Bengalis residing in the US alone, and upwards of 350 million people speaking Bengali worldwide, the need for a quality US literary magazine that respects both linguistic traditions is clear. Dukool already reaches more than 11,000 homes and libraries monthly, and many of the writers and artists found its pages have published best-selling works and won prestigious national and international awards, such as the Macarthur Genius Award and the Pulitzer Prize.

The content of Dukool includes, but is not limited to: literature, essays, entertainment, recipes, classified listings and staff notation of Bengali songs.

As the featured magazine of the North American Bengali Conference in 2015, Dukool’s presence in the Bengali community is growing rapidly. DuKool is the premiere Bengali magazine and Bengali news journal for English-speaking Bengalis.

You can subscribe and view their online content at www.du-kool.com.