Movie Review: Guddu Ki Gun (2015)

Movie Review by Jyoti Prakash mandal

Guddu shines with golden Gun, falls victim to a climax gone wrong

Guddu Ki Gun poster - Exclusive WBRI film review
Guddu ki Gun Poster

Featuring some beautiful shots of Kolkata city, Guddu Ki Gun is the latest adult comedy from Bollywood which stars Kunal Khemu in the lead. This first ever sex comedy (in India) is the tale of Govardhan a.k.a. Guddu and his fight with his own self to get rid of a curse because of which his male organ has been turned into gold.

Guddu Ki Gun still, payel and Kunal Khemu,Exclusive film review
Bengali actress Payel Sarkar in Guddu ki Gun (2015)

Guddu (Kunal) in this Hindi movie is a salesman from Bihar who has come to Kolkata for a livelihood. He sells detergent powder  and  lures his customers who are  homemakers of  Kolkata by saying : “Ek washing powder ke saath Guddu free.” Like a bee on flowers Guddu keeps on obtaining nectar of sexual pleasure from numerous partners in the city.

But one morning everything turns upside down for him as he strikes gold, well of course in the most wrong way one can imagine. He finds that gold has struck him, struck him hard and that  too under the belt.

Guddu Ki Gun stills Payel and kunal Khemu Exclusive film review
Kunal Khemu and Payel in a still from Guddu ki Gun

It is revealed that  this has happened due to a curse inflicted upon him by the Grandfather of his ex-girlfriend, Bholi whom he had previously ditched. To get rid of the curse he will have to find his true love and stay faithful to her.

Therefore Guddu along with his roommate and close friend Laddoo (Sumit Vyas) begins his quest for  true love.

In the course of the journey, the Man with the Golden Gun comes across hilarious characters which comprise of  a Doctor, a journalist and his editor, an underworld don, an antique dealer and a businessman from Turkey. Everyone wants to en-cash the gold.

In this pack of interesting characters, there is a nurse named Sarita whose portrayal is a poor parody of once famous Sarita bhabi series. Finally enters Kaali (Payel Sarkar). As the movie progresses it is revealed how Guddu gets back his own 'linga' (male organ).

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Kunal Khemu, who  has not seen much success as a single hero, attempts to do something different with this role in the film. He really has a good comic timing and makes people laugh with his stupidity, no matter one laughs at him or with him. But still somewhere he lacks the mannerism of a Bihari.

This film may not have a strong story line but has ample moments of fun and the shadow of the Golden Gun looms large on every moment. This is not for those who want a good story to be told which they can treasure forever and pass on to their grandchildren.

Payel and Aparna Sharma, the leading ladies of the movie, have minuscule roles which they deliver nicely. Payel with her geeky look will remind one of her famous Le Chakka (Bengali movie) attire.

Guddu Ki Gun still, Payel and Kunal Khemu-Exclusive film review
Kunal Khemu and Payel in the climax scenel from Guddu ki Gun

The directors Shantanu Ray Chhibber and Sheershak Anand who have written the script also, should have avoided over-repetition of words. And there are a lot of repetitive shots too. Keiko Nakhahara’s guerrilla cinematography has captured the essence of the City of Joy beautifully. The film loses its shine because of its extra long climax.