Bengali cine legend Soumitra Chatterjee launches Prangon, a book of Poems

Legendary Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee recently released ‘ Prangon ‘, a book of poems written by Jhoom Chowdhury.

On the occasion the actor , who is also a writer – poet – painter and reciter of repute , said, ”Once there was a time when artists would have to put huge effort to make their work reach to the audience. But with advancement of technology and rise of digital media it is now very easy to listen or watch the works of artists from all parts of the world. I am sure that this work by Jhoom Chowdhury will spread all over the world very soon.  I wish her all the success in whatever she does in future.”

Jhoom Choudhury and Soumitra Chatterjee Launching Prangon

Jhoom Choudhury and Soumitra Chatterjee launching Prangon Book and CD

Prangon , the book , contains a series of poems namely ‘Bhor’, ‘Jibon Ritu Rongo’, ‘Alor Binoti’, ‘Amar Preyoshi Soshi’,‘Meghe Dhaka Pronoy’,  ‘Amar Chele’, ‘Ondho’, ‘Bhokto’, ‘Briddhashrom’, ‘Chithi’, ‘Moner Manush’, ‘Narir Shobdo’, ‘Sonar Khacha’, ‘Chatok’ and ‘Premik’.

Jhoom Choudhury and Sraboni Sen at Prangon launch event

 Jhoom Chaudhury and Srabani Sen at the event

 Along with the book, a DVD of  the same name was also released during the event. It contains the recitation of some of the selected poems from the book , namely  ‘Bhor’, ‘Meghe Dhaka Pronoy’,  ‘Bhokto’, ‘Amar Preyoshi Soshi’, ‘Alor Binoti’, ‘Amar Chele’,  ‘Briddhashrom’, ‘Sonar Kha(n)cha’, ‘Ondho’ and ‘Narir Shobdo’ by popular reciter and elocutionist Bratati Bandyopadhyay.

The poet , Jhoom chowdhury said on the occasion, “ Through this album I have tried to highlight the reality of our lives which we often choose to ignore. Everyone will be able to relate with the poems of the album and the book.  I hope that this album touches  the audience , deep inside.”

 Sraboni Sen performing at Prangon launch event

Sraboni Sen performing at the event

In the event ,  eminent singer Sraboni Sen enthralled the audience with her singing accompanied by some elegant dance performances by other artists.