Watch: Hindi Movie New HD Trailer "Kajarya" Feat. Ridhima Sud Take on Female Infanticide in India

Ridhima Sud (Noorie Sood) [WBRI File Photo]

Mumbai, Nov 3 (Washington Bangla Radio) Actress Ridhima Sud’s upcoming film ‘Kajarya’ has unveiled its trailer.

Kajarya is a film that tells a story set in the backdrop of female infanticide and the widespread preference for male progeny in today’s India.

The film is a powerful, yet sensitively handled story that touches on several issues in the subtext of its narrative.

It revolves around the story of a rookie journalist in Delhi (Ridhima Sud) who exposes a woman, Kajarya (Meenu Hooda) believed to embody Goddess Kali, who ritually kills female newborns in a village nearby.

Watch the trailer online.