Tollywood dusky beauty Parno Mitra graces the launching ceremony of Japanese restaurant ‘AOI’

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

poster parno mitra

Kolkata, November 30 (Washington Bangla Radio): Looking beautiful in a black and white outfit Parno Mitra posed gracefully with a traditional Japanese Umbrella, a real treat for the shutterbugs present there.

Parno Mitra said, “I am a foodie by nature and I love to try different cuisines, Sushi and Sashimi are two of the tried favourites, am looking forward to trying more authentic Japanese Cuisine through this venture.”

About the Japanese traditional settings of the food joint the actress said that traditional food tastes best when it is taken in exact traditional settings.  She also expressed her hope that the traditional settings will be a new thing to be tried out and will be a kind of adventure for the first timers.

Mr. Mitsuo Kawaguchi, Consulate General of Japan in Kolkata, Said, “ I have been very keen on having an authentic Japanese restaurant in Kolkata, and am glad Mr Banerjee and team took this initiative to launch one.”

Mr. Palash Banerjee, Managing Director AOI, said “Having lived in Japan for over 10 years, I always had a dream of opening authentic Japanese restaurants all over India, and since Kolkata is my birthplace, we decided to start this venture with Kolkata.

poster parno mitra

Mr. Takeshi Kogahara, Chairman ‘K’ House Food India, said, “Through mutual support of Mr. Banerjee and Mr. Ajoy Kumar Das, we not only hope to bring Japanese food Culture to India, but also hope to become a bridge between India and Japan through various other cultural exchanges in the future.

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 ‘AOI’  is the very first outlet in Kolkata by ‘K’ House Food India which is looking forward to spread its chain of restaurants around India. The Japanese Restaurant AOI as it has been titled, is now an extension to the existing Thirty Six outlets of ‘K’House’s popular food chain Kyoto Gin Yuba in Japan.

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AOI seems to be an authentic Japanese restaurant serving Japanese Cuisine from every part of Japan. The live kitchen of the fast food counter allows one to enjoy all the different tastes along with the mesmerising aromas. The interiors of the restaurant depict the conventional Japanese dining experience with fine architecture which is known as the SHOJI style. The traditional low sitting area or TATAMI as it is called traditionally is the first of its kind in Kolkata. From paintings, floor mats, wallpapers, as well as the classical music or ENKKA as the Japanese call it, has all been imported from Japan. The Menu includes dishes like, Sushi, Sashimi, Yakitori, Donburi, Yakimono, Mushimono, so on and so forth.

The restaurant which has a sitting arrangement for Forty Sixpeople,runs from Noon to 10pm. The food available throughout includes both main course and snacks.