Bengali Audio Songs of New Bangla Movie Knock Out launched

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

new bangla movie knock-out

Kolkata, November 30 (Washington Bangla Radio): Music launch of upcoming Bengali film Knock out took place recently at a city club. Lead pair Shoaib and Kinni along with singers  UshaUthup, Upal and music director Raja Narayan Deb were present at the launch of the album. The romantic comedy stars the new pair of Shoaib and Kinni.

The film Knock Out is a romantic comedy and revolves around Sunny and Ruhi.  Sunny is a crime reporter and Kinni is the daughter of a top notch politician. Ruhi wins a beauty contest accidentally. Her father wants to get her married. To escape from this problem, she runs away from her home and bumps into Sunny. They run away to Thailand and the maddening journey of the duo begins. Ruhi’s father tries his level best to find his daughter. For knowing the rest of the story, the audience will have to wait till he film releases on the 29th of November.

There are eight songs in the film. Srijato, Amitabha Bhattacharya, Madhu Mukherjee and Joel Mukherjee have penned the lyrics for the songs in this film. Madhu Mukherjee, the music director of the film said “The couple of songs which are shown on television have got positive reviews from the people. This is encouraging for me as a music director. The music in this film has been kept young and fresh so as to catch the attention of the young audience. There is a romantic feel to the songs and the melody is also apparent”. The music director hoped that the film will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the listeners. KunalGanjawala, Rini Das, Shruti Das, Rupankar and Joel Mukherjee have lent thei voices to the songs in this film.

kinni-shoaib pair

Shoaib, hailed as the new Khan of Tollywood smiled broadly on asked about his reaction to this new tag. “It feels good but it also creates a bit of tension to be compared with the Khans of Bollywood is a huge compliment actually for me. Hope I have been able to live up to the expectations of my director. With the release date coming near, I am having goose bumps” said the handsome actor.

Looking cute in a salwar suit, Kinni was very excited about the release of her debut film. “I had a really great time during the shooting of the film. I have even helped Shoaib with the Bengali. I am his Bengali teacher on the sets. Hope our chemistry will be liked and appreciated by the audience” said Kinni.

The songs of this film are as fresh as the new pair of Shoaib and Kinni. We will all have to wait till the 29th of November to see whether the film gives the audience a big dose of Knock Out entertainment.